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The Fracture of Uldguard

110 U.E. Epanouis 24

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For many ages the region known as Uldguard has been the realm of chaos, often fractured and at war. Although some kingdoms have risen to tame the chaos, all have fallen. A young farmer by the name of Norman Dannet, however, received a vision from Heironeous, the God of chivalry and valor. In this vision, Norman saw that he should be the one to unite Uldguard. Some years later, his dream would come to fruition, and he would become known as King Norman the Uniter and mark a new year 0.

King Norman would prove to be a legendary ruler, able to reconcile the differences between races through strength and compassion. During this time as a ruler, he justified his reign through possession of five great artifacts. He held Guardian, his Mace of Disruption, Valor, his Holy Avenger, Defender, his Animated Shield, Courage, his Armor of Invulnerability, and Piercer, his Oathbow. These extremely uncommon magical items were used by the King to justify his rule.

The prosperity brought by King Norman, however, would not last. In the year 75 U.E. the great King would die unexpectedly. At this time his oldest son was on a diplomatic mission, providing an opportunity for his youngest son to take control of the throne. The younger son could not be convinced to relinquish the throne to his older brother. This disagreement would lead to war between the two, as the older son established the Wymar Empire and the younger established the True Merand Kingdom. Their conflict also allowed the Dragonborn, Dwarves, and Elves to create their own Kingdoms, marking the end of the Kingdom of Uldguard.

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