Ward of the Nine

Observed by followers of the Ouranic Church, the ritual of the Ward of the Nine is intended to protect newborns from harm. The ritual is believed to invoke the protection of most of the senior deities of the Ouranic pantheon against Nexra, the Goddess of Death and Disease.


Even in the best of times, Tel is a harsh place to live. The average rate of infant mortality among the various human cultures ranges anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. Taking this sad fact into account, it is not surprising that anxious Telian parents often seek to use all means at their disposal, both mundane and mystical, to ensure the survival of their offspring.

In the shared mythology of the Eknoi and Rexan peoples, it is believed that


Set a fire before dawn and then pass child through flames - Edius (So it will always be warm) Bathe child in dawn's light as it rises over the horizon - Eion (So it will always have sunlight) Place drop of wine on child's lips - Ikatrus ( Anoint child in olive oil infused with myrrh - Lamos (So it will have medicine to heal) Pour water over child's head - Naeia (So it will always have fresh water to drink and bathe) Hold child up to the sky - Eterius and Cire (So it will always have fresh air to breathe) Have child nurse from mother - Maya Give child a name and bind him to the church- Ator
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