Session 7 - Eaglecliff Town troubles

General Summary

The party spent the night in the Copper Dragon Aasterinian's cave and Ida Blair wakes in the middle of the night to find the dragon gone. Ida wakes Luciane Pendragon who takes watch in the dragon's absence til dawn. After dawn, the party prepares to leave but not before Misty makes an attempt to tame one of the captive displacer beast cubs. The attempt initially goes okay, but then the cub becomes violent when Misty tries to pet it. The Party refills their water and cure some fish using Vindharpa Glóð's frozen water.   A few hours walk on the way to Eaglecliff Town, Aasterinian is spotted by Vindharpa Glóð flying overhead but with its wings beating unevenly. The party rushes over to Aasterinian to find him severely wounded with deep scratches and bite marks over its body. Aasterinian explains that he decided to try to make an assault on the Last Words Haven but on the way, flew over another ruined island home to a Black Dragon that seemed to have claimed the island and surrounding area it's territory and seems to be defending the pirates. The two dragons fought and Aasterinian eventually retreated. Vindharpa Glóð provides Aasterinian with a little bit of healing and some fish. Aasterinian Says he plans to head back to the island "with some friends". Before departing, the dragon etches a rune on one of it's fallen scales and hands it to Vindharpa Glóð.   A few hours later as the light starts to fail, the party finally makes it to Eaglecliff Town. Luciane Pendragon gives each of the freed slaves one gold piece each before heading into the town past a very bored looking guard, Luciane Pendragon and Vindharpa Glóð decide to head to the town market, Luciane trying to find materials for her find familiar spell but is surprised to find a lack of the more magical materials. After perusing the stalls for a while, Luciane Pendragon comes across a small crowd focused around a priest that she recognizes as a Priest of Samali preaching to the crowd about the evils of magic and the superiority of humans, she tried to abruptly leave but part of the words being spoken seem to ring with power but she does manage to leave.   The party then decide to retreat back to the tavern they saw by the western gate, The Swallowing Lamb and Pleasure Inn. Ida orders some rooms for the party from the female, half-orc barmaid and discovers Bilfan Copperlob disguised as a younger dark-skinned halfling, his clever disguise only rumbled by the large boulder in the chair next to him. Bilfan says he decided to go on a holiday "with the family" and was hoping to meet with Luciane Pendragon. Meanwhile Juel, Luciane and Vindharpa are walking back from the market but decided to stop by a butcher to get some meat for the displacer beast cubs. Joul brandishes a piece of human meat that causes the butcher to get angry and demand they leave but Joul casts Charm Person on the butcher allowing them to leave safely with some offel.   The party meet up at The Swallowing Lamb and Pleasure Inn, Luciane Pendragon has a conversation with Bilfan Copperlob and manages to convince him that she was engaged to Alfor causing a dejected and disapointed Alfor to disapear into a portal.   When the party gets a chance to sit together and talk, Vindharpa explains that in about 40 minutes a butcher is going to realise that he has been charmed by a "demonic looking spellcaster" and recomends moving fast. After a brief discussion, the party agrees to abandon their rooms and head to the eastern gate stables to buy some horses which cost 85 gold each. They bought 2 riding horses but as the paperwork needed to be done, and the party needed to leave quickly, they requested that the paperwork get sent to the nearest tavern along the main road.   Riding at different speeds, the party eventually comes together and finds a roadside tavern called The Loving Feather Inn and discover that they dont seem to mind about non-human or magic users. The party rents the remaining 3 rooms and decide to make use of Inn's magically heated bath. The party enjoyes the large communal bath, which eventually decends into someing of a water fight with people spashing others, making snowballs with the water. Luciane Pendragon accidentally hits the tavern owner with a snowball as she comes in to check if there is anything else they need.
Report Date
10 Nov 2021
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