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Sarmali Holy Church

The Holy Samali Church, who is based out of the Holy Samali Kingdom on an island east of Obia. The Church is the ruling body of the kingdom and is in charge of its policies for both foreign and domestic policies.   The emblem is a red dove, many wear a red dove pendent to reprisent their faith.


According to the tenants of the holy testaments, since her deification, Queen Vehilda Samali is the eternal leader and Queen of the kingdom. Her chosen is known as the First Dove, that position is currently held by First Dove Iywunis Samali who fulfills the role of head of state. Only a direct decendent of Goddess Samali, "someone with divine blood" is allowed to be the First Dove.   Under the First Dove are the Cardinals of Truth, a group of chosen believers who act as the executors of the First Dove's will and co-ordinate the archbishops world wide.

Public Agenda

Publically, The Samali Church advertises themselves as a human centric religion meant to elevate the rights of humans and to educate people on their way of thinking.   Privately however, due to more and more believing that Samali is the goddess of humanity, proselytizing priests have been able to subtly influence the minds of humans to make their words more compelling using the divine connection to their gods. This effect seems to be not directly mind control but subtle suggestions that all they are saying is true.   Worse than this, a party of adventurers has found out that using the power of a fey gate, a priest of Samali was channeling energy to permenently transforing non-human races into humans and then altering their memories to believe that they were always human and were saved by the red priests, transforming them into devout believers of Samali.


Immediately following Samali's accendence to godhood, the country went though a period of rapid and unpresidended growth and prosperity. Many tried to come to the county to try and find out how a mortal had accended to godhood, some being more polite than others. After one violent incident, the country adopted an isolationist stance that would last several hundred years.   During The Great War, the Holy Samali Kingdom, for the most part, was not a major player. They did occasionally send out emmisaries to the Tahage Dynasty Empire offering to assist in combat during their campaign on the Obia continent but were refused.   Following the end of the war and the empire's relitive fall in power, the church sent many of their Red Flock out to gain followers in the empire.

Divine Origins

The Church was formed when Queen Vehilda Samali became the first and only mortal in history to accend to godhood in 326 ASC, exactly how she managed this remains a mystery and a hotly debated topic all over the world.

Tenets of Faith

The Samali Religion teaches that granting Arcane Magic is mortals was a mistake as through this the pure human bloodlines were diluted or perverted into other races. As such it is considered their duty to stamp out all arcane magic and purify the world which will unify the world, bringing happiness to all.


The Church has sent out thousands of priests, known as the Red Flock, out into the world to preach the tenents of Samali. In order for those priests to stay pure and not be tarnished by the evils and corruptions of the outside world from non humans and magic users, they wear red blindfolds for as long as they are outside the kingdom's borders and are guided by Samali's great path. Other, more zealous priests remove their eyes entirely as proof of their commitment to stay outside and spread their truth.
Founding Date
326 ASC
Religious, Organised Religion
Leader Title
Permeated Organizations

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17 Jan, 2022 14:13

Very interesting church. I love the history it has and the goddess Samali. It is also great that the Frist Dove is a descendant of her making the church have a personal connection with their goddess. very cool

Let's have fun creating the impossible, building new worlds, and all types of possibilities. Valcin
20 Jan, 2022 17:55

Thanks! Not that they know yet but this church is going to be the main antagonists of the campaign i am currently running :)