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Tsurai is a goddess with long satin gold hair and holds scales in hand to keep the world in balance. She radiates golden light and is soft and motherly but filled is justice.


The High priestess leads the group as a whole and if the one who shares the information with the common folk about how to live in line with Tsurai. She would also be a capable fighter who leads the Swords against anyone who threatens with chaos. They have direct access to the relationship of Tsurai.    The Swords are the strike force of Tsurai. They are the champions who go and fight the battles for Tsurai. Often blessed with powerful magic and abilities to accomplish the missions sent. They often hear from Tsurai through dreams.    The Acquirers are the treasure hunters of Tsurai that go and find items to strength her followers or keep dangerous items from the bad people. They are potentially collectors of info as well.


They are quick to help those in need because they believe that no one should have an upper hand over another or one lacking due to others choices or lack of choice for them.    They are quick to confront injustice and bring peace by force if needed.    They are focused on reconciliation between parties but are no fool to manipulation.

Public Agenda

They are about keeping the peace and the world in order. They are the ones who help hold back the chaos and keep equality in politics. They fill positions to serve in all fields of life to help insure that all areas are even.


The biggest temple is in Neverwinter currently. The main temple was in Conberry and when it was sacked by the agents of Shin there was not a replacement high priestess so Neverwinter Sword Captain is leading for now eagerly waiting for the next High priest to be chosen.

Scales tip for justice

Religious, Divine Host

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