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Linn Ennim

My thanks goes out to cynicism for the inspiration.

Queen Linn Ennim (a.k.a. The Mournful Queen)

Had a "life" been worth "getting", I would have one by now and you would be lecturing me for not fulfilling some other imagined standard. If you have a suggestion, be specific; otherwise, go away.
— Linn Ennim
Shut up--your idiocy is chasing away originality.
— Linn Ennim

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is lean and almost malnourished. The queen's pale face contrasts heavily with the two blood-red orbs symmetrically located on either side of her nose. The humanoid design is adopted by many Fluxers, but is typically considered to be inferior to that of insectoids or sphere-based frames. However, while her body is technically considered to be a handicap, Linn is still extremely fast and strong by most standards, and her health is rarely in question.

Body Features

One might attribute her appearance and temperament to that of a vampire, but Linn is more peaceable than her legacy suggests. While terrifying, she does not drink blood (or Fluxer gelatin) or fulfill any demonic superstitions. While lean, quick, strong, and wraith-like, she is also a reasonable height with long black hair that could easily allow her to disappear into a crowd.

Special abilities

Other than having an incomparably brilliant mind and nearly endless supply of resources that make her one of the most dangerous Fluxers in the world, nothing.

Specialized Equipment

She has been known to create and diffuse hostile environments with magical influence, but Linn's preferred method is hand-to-hand combat. The speed at which she moves is comparable to that of a world-class assassin, even though the youthful noble rarely practices. This is due to her perception of reality being infinitely faster than normal and a natural tendency to limit unnecessary movements, which optimizes flow.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into a royal family, Linn was naturally exposed to the political hassle that constantly weighed on her parents' minds. The girl expressed an intense dislike for such affairs, even growing to despise how such leadership roles disrupted her everyday life. Unfortunately, her parents were responsible for the well-being of a nation and were unable to abandon these duties, even for their rebellious little girl.

She appeared to have a tremendous knack for patterns and logical solutions at an incredibly young age, forcing her parents to hire expert tutors who were barely able to keep up. It didn't take Linn much time to figure out exactly how large and complex systems functioned, which led to an interest in mage studies.
The Parapoptsi would occasionally visit to "advise" the king, applying useless metaphors while around the suspicious child, who watched her father's nervous acceptance with a blank expression. This eventually led to an unpleasant conversation, which ultimately ended her father's dealings with the manipulative political organization.
Enraged, Beleford Beguile ordered assassins to exterminate the royal family. One took pity on the seemingly harmless daughter, leaving her alone to face the mutilated remains of her dead parents. She has not visibly aged since that event.
She spent the next three years as queen protecting her country through terrifyingly brilliant strategies, and successfully isolated Lippit from the outside world.


This introverted ruler was granted access to an endless amount of resources as well as over three thousand years of Flux histories, which did not go to waste. The preceding king and queen had trouble finding educators who could move at their daughter's accelerated pace and were forced to request assistance from the Mage Association. However, not even the most brilliant local mages would be able to entertain her for more than a few short days, and many of them would end up asking the princess to explain things. She would typically refuse to even acknowledge such requests.

Linn briefly met with Todd Voracious Willygate on one occasion and was so taken with his perspective on life that she pursued the Chazra on her own. The Lippitup royal family became members of the church soon after.

Mental Trauma

Being orphaned by Parapoptsi assassins at a young age created a well-founded paranoia. Because of these constant fears, Linn becomes very insecure in situations she can't control and has been known to lash out at her surroundings. It's extremely rare for her to visibly express anger, but the queen's pointed words and movements are terrifying. No one doubts the Mournful Queen's threats despite her youthful age and seemingly frail stature. Unfortunately, such a life is not conducive to relationships based on mutual trust, so she has no friends.

To put her condition simply, her misery is both constant and self-perpetuating. This is one of the reasons why Lippitup citizens try so hard to comfort their monarch, but have yet to succeed.

Intellectual Characteristics

As a person, Linn is dark. Her temper is long-suffering, but... I suppose a story would best describe her mindset:

Queen Ennim was once approached by a famous Highland corporation representative who wanted to create a Lippit branch. In response to his proposition, Linn simply said "no" and began walking away. The irritated businessman (who was slightly shorter than her) grabbed the ruler's arm, calmly revealing his connections to the Parapoptsi in a threatening manner.
She glanced back and forth between the clenched arm and her assailant while the surrounding guards eagerly awaited instruction. Momentarily analyzing the representative's outstretched appendage and assuming its biological capabilities, she swiftly kicked his shoulder against the joint's natural bend while simultaneously grabbing and messily detaching his arm. The queen walked away, still expressionless, while a business representative cursed and writhed on the palace floor.

Morality & Philosophy

Linn is always trying to be fair. This is an indisputable fact (well, Beleford Beguile disputes it, but his opinion doesn't really count). Lippit's monarch is incredibly unique in this trait, especially in the context of being a Highland country, most of which which are famed most as having universally self-focused leaders.

For her, emotional indulgences (like love) are perceived as mere distractions or hindrances. Specifically, she thinks it works for other people, but not her. However, she does enjoy reading books written by philosophers and mages that find clever or unique ways to view life.


Linn's drive to be fair has lowered her tolerance for injustices on all levels (within reason), making any polar belief extremely unattractive. She has been known to simply stand up and walk away from influential world leaders after hearing one divisive or intentionally inflammatory statement. In one situation, the Mournful Queen has even disintegrated an anti-gelatinous activist who publicly slandered Supra Willygate of the Chazra.

She has become either hated or feared by most who live outside her enclosed kingdom, which she hasn't left since her parents' unfortunate death. As the days pass, Linn gradually withdraws from her own subjects and advisers to hide from everything outside of her control, while naturally growing more powerful. However, power is not what she's searching for.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While she might be extremely talented at discovering and solving problems that few others even knew existed, Linn is terrible at socializing. Her specific type of power prioritizes factual responses over subtlety and emotional consideration, making her terribly awkward during informal interactions. The stigma built around powerful leaders perpetuates this issue, since one emotional response could destroy her international credibility as royalty.

In what situation would a subjective view of my feelings benefit me?
— Linn Ennim


Linn Ennim

Enemy (Trivial)

Towards Beleford Beguile



Beleford Beguile

Loathed Existence (Important)

Towards Linn Ennim




Linn is fully aware that Beleford Beguile is directly responsible for her parents' untimely death, not to mention the seemingly endless atrocities he's committed since his ascension to becoming a Dictator.

Linn Ennim

Admirer (Important)

Towards Todd Voracious Willygate



Todd Voracious Willygate

Respectful Adviser (Important)

Towards Linn Ennim






I strive for contentment, though it is immediately lost to your nonsensical "happiness".
— Linn Ennim
Current Location
Year of Birth
3556 FFE 15 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Sole heir to the throne of Lippit.
Biological Sex
This can only be speculated, since no advances (from any gender) have been successful. Of course, this has led to numerous (and entirely false) suggestions that she might be asexual, specifically coming from Dictator Beguile and his Pozzers.
Blood red with gold flecks
A silky black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale (almost sickly) white
No one is brave enough to speculate.
Quotes & Catchphrases
Be Warned: I marked this section as a "spoiler" because it contains rude language.
Linn Ennim Quote [explicit]
"I really don't care. You can go fuck a damn rock, Bel, because your "empire" is pitiful and this Stupidity you've adopted will forever bar you from real power. Continue to shower me, my country, and my deceased family with insults, you boisterous pad. I'm practically itching to seeing how long these mere "orders" will keep my guards at bay."
Aligned Organization
Todd Voracious Willygate
Character | Dec 16, 2019

Powerful leader of the Chazra

Beleford Beguile
Character | Oct 30, 2019

Current head of the Parapoptsi

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Author's Notes

I can add the "MBTI Type" section to every character if requested. Otherwise, I'll just do whatever I feel like.

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2 Oct, 2019 10:36

1. Peacable, huh. I learned a new word, thank you!   2. I like how rumours of asexuality are something to be used against her, regardless of whether they are true or not. Hits very close to home with some real world issues there.   3. Man... that assassin screwed up big time, its like he's never heard of batman (or sasuke uchiha if youre into manga). You never leave the kid alive! tsk, tsk. Seriously thoughts that's effed up, I love it.   4.

her misery is both constant and self-perpetuating.
Hnnng. What a sentence. Seriously hits right in the feels. Well done.

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