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The Floating Empire, Yssar

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Six hundred years ago, The world came to an end.

The cataclysm began with an illness, a madness that spread between minor gods--those deities that live among mortal kind. They waged war on the world, and on their kin, tearing the land apart. Adventurers set out to find the cause of this madness, and to end it before there was nothing left of their homes. Most of these adventurers never came close to their goal, meeting an early end at the hands of beings whose power exceeded mortal comprehension.
Most, but not all.
A hero of prophecy rose from obscurity, joining with a band of adventurers. They found the source of the madness in the God of life, Ghaal. With a blade stolen from the gods themselves, this hero destroyed the God and absorbed its power. The world, however, was not saved.
The land became overgrown with trees and choking vines that crushed all in their path. Entire empires were buried beneath the overgrowth. In a desperate attempt to save his people, The hero of prophecy tore his city from the ground and sent it to the heavens, where to this day it floats above the ruins of a doomed world.
Since that day, no one in the city has died.
Now, nearly six hundred years later, the world is ending again--not from a war between gods, but from mundane problems. The farms are blighted, the people revolting, And the god-king, Valymir Tristane, once savior of the world, seems to be taking on a madness of his own.

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