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The Firth Universe

75, taresl, des 3. Cicasl 6nR

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A Science Fiction- fantasy world set in a fictional paralell universe, where a massive organic Network were built, called the Firth, from an ancient race billion years ago. This network gain acess to other Dimensions and far flung points of the Universe like a Wormhole. It's expanding due to his organic nature, and it can defy death, because it's collecting the minds of the deceased. It is also able to suck people from other dimensions into the "Firth universe." But it's collapsing due to an Computer generated matrix created by another ancient species who find their way into this world through the Firth...

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  • Map of Karte des bekannten Universums

    Karte des bekannten Universums mit Firth- (Roter Strich) und Exodusmatrixleitlinien (Pinker Strich) und allen bekannten/ wichtigen Sternensystemen:   Kühle Sonnen: Orange   Planeten: Grün   Sonnen: Gelb   Feuersonnen: Rot   Sektoren: blauer Strich   Aus talmesanischer Sicht mit deren Bezeichnungen.   Chefastronom des Eurichs ...