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The 1stGBE, stands for the first Galactic Beard Empire. It is a Empire created initially by Myself and expanded upon greatly with the help of all current members. There is a deep history and many roles and professions which may seem confusing to new people. This document shall attempt to gently introduce “newbies” to the various concepts present in the Empire.

Your first arrival

When you first are introduced to the GBE it will most likely be by one of the Great House members. They will attempt to introduce you to the GBE by sending you a link to our wikia page. It is unfortunately very out of date but does contain plenty of useful information. However for this document i will begin by explaining the houses.

The House System

Most people involved with the GBE have their own “house”. This is their fictitious family which they are a part of in GBE lore. Five individuals are selected from these families to be “Great Houses”. These houses form the basis for government in the GBE but we shall discuss this later. Every House is either a “Great House” or a “Minor House”. A Great House is involved greatly with the running of the Empire whilst a “Minor House” may not be. A “Minor House” may either be “Independant” or pledge allegiance to a “Great House”. If a “Minor House” is “Independant” it is more likely to be selected as a great house but is also less likely to have a seat on the “Senate” but more of that later. It is likely that upon joining the GBE you will be asked to set up your own “House”. You do not have to do this and some members choose not too, preferring instead to be a non-noble family subservient to an existing house.

The Government

In the GBE there are three tiers of government. Each is involved with the “Great Houses” in some way. At the top there is the “Emperor”. He has the final say on all doings political in the Empire. The “Emperor” is chosen from amongst the “Great Houses” however the current “Emperor’s” child is usually selected as the successor. Beneath the “Emperor” there is the “Council of High Lords”. This is comprised of each head of the “Great Houses”. They are responsible for conducting foreign affairs, verification of “Bills” proposed by the “Senate” and for advising the “Emperor”. The “Senate” is the third level of government and is responsible for conducting internal affairs in the “Empire”. The “Senators” are chosen by the “Great Houses”. Each head of a “Great House” is a “Senator” and will also select two more of its “Vassal Minor Houses” as “Senators” as well. In addition each of the three branches of “The Faith” have a “Senator” as well. These “Senators” are usually the head of the branches of “The Faith” but sometimes they are lesser members. The way the government is run is by “Senators” proposing “Bills” to the “Senate”. When a “Bill” is proposed it is voted on by all the “Senators”. If achieves 66% of the vote it is passed to the “Council of High Lords” who then also vote on it. If it receives 66% of the “High Council’s” vote it is passed to the “Emperor” who then has the final say on the “Bill”.

The Faith

“The Faith” is the religious branch of the “Empire”. “The Faith” is split into three branches, “The Church”, “The Inquisition” and “The Order”. Each of these branches have a leader and are guaranteed a seat on the “Senate”. The leaders of these branches are usually also “Great House” leaders, but not always. “The Faith” can be joined by anyone and there are positions available in each. The branches have differing roles but that is for a different document.

The Military

The GBE also has a military. At present there are a number of fleets. There are centrally controlled fleets under the jurisdiction of the “Emperor” and their are fleets commanded by the “Houses” both Great and Minor. Any “House” in possession of a planet is entitled to a fleet and a ground based force. Ground forces are typically called “Legions” and are commanded by a “Legate”. These “Legates” respond directly to the “Emperors” command or to the “Lord” they serve. Some “Houses” use different terminology however. Typically when joining the GBE you will be assigned to one of the Empire’s fleets. You will be responsible for commanding a ship for your “Space Marshall” the leader of your fleet and the rank you hold will dictate your sway in that fleet. It is possible for a individual to hold multiple ranks. This is possible due to them being in command of their own fleets whilst also serving in the “Emperor’s” fleets and serving in a branch of “The Faith”.

The Important Stuff

In the end it is important for you to know that all power is derived from the “Great Houses” in particular the three “Triarchs ” or leaders of the faith, and the “Emperor”. They control what happens in and outside the “Empire” and it would be best not displease them. If you want real power make a House and pledge to a “Great House” and try to get on to the “Senate” if you want to sit cool and make some nice lore you should probably also make a house and get in touch with either myself (John Kayce) or Grafton about getting your lore put in to the google drive for eventual publication on the wikia. Otherwise have fun and recruit dudes and we may expand the “Senate”.

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