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The Finite City, Depthopolis

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This is a reversion of Depthopolis, the canon is currently under a bit of reconstruction. If you want to read more stuff, it's over on my other world with almost the same name.   Have you ever wondered about the practicality of interdimensional travel? If we truly had the capability to traverse the multiverse. There'd have to be portal infrastructure, a redefining of borders, and maybe even a new meaning for life itself. Depthopolis is but one city that I've thought of with this concept.   it's not going to be normal, far flung, good reader, for with every new dimension the idea of particles beyond the current bounds of physical limitation lies within reach, and with that, being more powerful than what human brains can perceive.   I didn't want to take it too far with that idea, who knows what lies beyond. I've taken the idea farther than I think I've seen many others take it. I also want to go more in depth on how a society would function in such ways. Depthopolis features the penultimate in diversity in its known part of the multiverse, hosting more species of sapient beings than Earth has in total species. With that comes some complications.   That isn't the only part of Depthopolis's problems though, within its history there lies a ruthless Empire, one that hopes to reclaim Depthopolis from an independent rule. With this, Depthopolis has developed several strategies to keep the Empire at bay.