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Azula the freed genie

Azula de la Rosa a freed genie who doesn't remember who she was before genie-ing. She's taken up casual necromancy, hoping to find spirits who can give her clues to the past.   And she's very good with magic, but only when it's used in service of others. Though she's free, the genie curse has leftovers. Azula must perform some magic in the service or entertainment of another each day, or else the lamp calls her back to imprison her for a night.   This is all rather annoying to constantly deal with. So once she figures out who she was and how to return to that old life, Azula's going to break her dang curse and never look back. And who knows? -- she may help save the world from some catastrophic evil along the way.   Azula is one of my player characters in the RPG show Page Turner!

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30 Sep, 2019 19:45

I don't know... her finding out about her past might result in the balance between the 4 elements being disrupted.