The Fairy Godfather

Cinderella's a mobster. Kids draw lucky glyphs in sidewalk chalk, and play with the crow-cat griffons. The sky is full of advertisements and love letters writ with cloud.   Welcome to Moonsville.       Two moons hang low in the night sky -- always together, always full. Blink slowly, and they might blink back. Head through the gates, flanked by statues of a maned wolf and a raven. People swear up and down they saw the statues twitch once, but obviously it had to be a trick of the light.   Walk down Main, past Hotel Lechuza and the Sphinx who guards the city library. Hang a left, and there's Percy's Place -- a multidimensional castle-turned-coffee-shop. The place is full of creatures from all over time and space. It's the go-to hangout of Moonsville, known for its boba tea and free WiFi.   It also just so happens to make the best pizza. Maybe it's something to do with the genie who lives in the old-school stone oven. Maybe it's magic. Maybe it's Maybelline. But this stuff's multiverse-famous, and to eat a slice of mussel-olive pizza is one of life's greatest pleasures.   There's a delivery dragon on staff who promises your pizza in 15 minutes or it's free. But it's interesting to come to the tavern and people-watch. A few booths over, a vampire laments her new garlic allergy, while her werewolf girlfriend savors a bit of Fey wine.   Percy the beartender is flirting with yet another merperson who's come to visit. He still manages to keep up with the orders and the spills, thanks to a Haste spell. It's always busy at Percy's Place, but somehow there's always room for one more.   Relax and enjoy the pizza. It's another normal, wondrous day in Moonsville.