Sunlight is brash and beautiful, caring about outer seeming and appearances. They welcome everyone in, while acting like they are superior to the other courts. Every member of the court, and all visitors, are judged on their appearance regardless of anything else.   The path to Sunlight from the Fair is a straight path of large stepping stones. Guards stand permanently by the open gates between the two oak trees. Once inside, the columned path is lit by sconces every few paces.   The court is ruled by Florian ver Argia since the death of his father after the attack on Starlight. While his mother survived, and is nominally regent of the court, she lives in seclusion deep within the mound and refuses to leave. His throne is made of antlers and he is served by brownies. The fae of Sunlight wear sparkling outfits, sparkling headdresses and lots of glitter.
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One thing you need to know about fae, and Sunlight above all, is that they value what things look like. Almost above all else.
— Fae Fair

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