Glamour is the art of transformation. There are two levels to it. The simplest one is to change what something looks like. This is more of a trick to make one thing seem like another. If you touch it, then the glamour is broken as it won’t change what the item is. The serious version of glamour changes what an item actually is. And to do that you need to understand what they are in both forms down to their constituent parts or you can get into a serious mess.
  How much you can do depends on how strong your sense of nature is. Glamour only affects natural, or living, substances. The stronger the item, or the bigger the change, the more power one needs. The bigger the item that you’re working with, the more complicated it is.
  You can only glamour living materials, so metals can't be changed, or anything that has died.
  The fae draw power from their allegiance. So members of each court gain power when their namesake is strong. So at dusk, dawn, midday, midnight, and at the full moon respectively. The woodland fae can draw on the forest itself, though that is a give and take relationship as the forest also drains them to maintain the boundary of their claim against it. Each of the courts also have a special skill granted them by their light.
  The ability to glamour also allows fae to use their inner sight to see the connections in the world and the flow of power between them, the boundaries and shifting allegiances. This can be used to find gates or places in the forest where someone has claimed it. The stronger a fae's ability to glamour things, the stronger their inner sight is. Only royal fae can find and use gates. Inner sight doesn't always map onto the real world, so you need to walk with one eye open to make sure you don't walk into a tree.

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