Dusklight is the wildest of the five faery courts, they are ambiguous and creative, a place full of transformations and subtlety. They combine fae and animals in magical combinations and twist their glamour to uses never considered by the other courts.   The path to Dusklight from¬†the Fair¬† is made of wooden planks, raised above the forest floor. While the gates to the Dusklight Court are always open for dusk every day, those who venture in past their beech tree guardians do not leave the same as they entered. Once inside, the hedge maze is never the same twice. Though few visitors dare the twisted games played within the court.   Obedre, the King of Dusklight is confident in his rule. He is seen as benevolent by those within his court, and terrifying by those outside it. He rules from a throne of shaped water, which undulates depending on his mood. Gnomes serve the court, staying in the background as much as possible. The fae of Dusklight are loud and boisterous, many of them have transformed parts of themselves to mimic other creatures.
Founding Date
Dusklight ... experimented on fae animal hybrids as punishments for the slightest of infractions.
— Fae Bargains

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