Conclave of the Yews

The Conclave of the Yews is the grouping of the rulers of each of the five faery courts, along with representatives from The Forest and The Fair. They are bound by the Treaty of the Yews to uphold their rules and agreements.   There is no formal schedule for these meetings, so they happen on an ad hoc basis, when they are required. Whenever the rulership of one of the courts changes, then a new conclave needs to be called in order to ratify that. They also discuss anything which is of relevance to all the courts.   While the rulers of the courts have changed since the start of the conclave, Herne and Neniir have continued to attend as representatives of the forest and the fair, respectively. Though their role in these meetings are more as a witness and to ensure continuity through the changes in the courts, rather than making decisions themselves.   Example points of discussion are any quarrels between the courts, threats from the forest, movement of Fae between courts, issues to do with resources like hobnuts and other foods and potion ingredients, and any royal marriage needs to be agreed by the Conclave before proceeding.   To call a conclave, one of the rulers of the courts needs to send pixie messengers to the other courts, informing them of the date and time. In order for the Conclave to be valid leaders of all five courts need to be present. Often one or other of the royals will refuse to attend, making the conclave invalid, if they don't wish to discuss whatever the topic is.   For agreements to be made binding, whoever brought the discussion to the group holds a yew branch between the rulers. Each of them spits on their hand then grasp the wood and verbally agree to whatever the point was. Due to the nature of the fae, promises are binding and to go back on your word would risk severe repurcussions, especially as it is strengthened by holding the yew.
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Florian held out a yew stick. “In which case, let’s confirm that on the yew.” He spat on his hand, then transferred the stick to that hand, holding it out into the centre of the group.
— Fae Secrets

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