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The Lost Tale

Like Old Times

Written by Endrise

I only heard days of the old kingdoms, of Old Iadell. A beautiful place by what stories told. I hope that this little tavern can mimic that feeling.
— Balhorn Weimann

At the crossroads running through Old Iadell lies the Lost Tale tavern, built on top of the city’s ruins. A small place home to good wine and a welcoming staff from all across Silva.

It is the hotspot for travellers across the region, providing a blooming business where one can meet people from everywhere. From curious explorers to mercenaries alike.

Renovated Ruins

The Tavern's history

Nobody remembers the original purpose of the building the Lost Tale stands upon. With Old Iadell levelled somewhere around the Blazing War, no knowledge remains of its use. Archeologists believe it once belonged to the upper class, potentially a merchant of sorts.

The ruins remained untouched for a couple of centuries. Nature claimed them over time, leading to a single massive tree sprouting from its foundation.

Around 1124, Balhorn Weimann came to Old Iadell and witnessed the ruins of the building. The growing popularity of the crossroads led to him seeing an opportunity to begin a tavern here. A few months of renovation turned the rubble into the Lost Tale, accessible for all travellers.

Balhorn is someone who likes his presentation.
Even if the roots do make some customers trip from time to time.
— Jolyne

The stabilising economy of Silva's regions led to blooming business, allowing a slow growth for the tavern. Things only got better once a further renovation opened up a secret cellar filled with bottles of wine and their recipe. Balhorn started producing the old recipe, leading to the creation of the house special, an old kingdom wine known as Avani's Love.

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Taste of the Old World

The tavern’s house special is a wine known as Avani’s Love. Balhorn found its recipe and a few bottles within the ruin’s cellar, where he proceeded to revive the drink.

It is a sweet drink made from grapes from the region and a reason for many to rest here for a bit. Some even take a bottle or barrel with them for their journeys. Though its production is a secret, kept by the tavern owner himself.

The Lost Tale Tavern

Along the cobble roads of the ruined city stands the tavern, built upon the foundation of some ruins. Two stories tall with a horse stable, wagons parked outside throughout the day. The Lost Tale’s signature name hangs from a sign with a bottled plant for a logo.

It combines traits of old and new, integrating the ruins of the former home into its architecture. The toppled tower now houses a flower bed, while the front door is made from an old archway. The rest is more modern engineering, wood and stone built with the typical standards found around the region. For as sturdy elven architecture may be, centuries do take their toll on them.

A large oak tree grows through the structure, acting as a support beam. Rather than cut it down, the building is designed around it, providing shade to an outside bench. A distinct look that every traveller to Old Iadell knows the tavern for.


The tavern is calm throughout the year and a good place to find a drink. Several tables sit scattered across the walls, with a fireplace on the western wall and the bar on the eastern side. The tree smack in the middle, having its own tabletop built within the trunk for guests to sit at.

A common practise is for those that discovered something to carve their name into the tree. Either finding new unexplored ruins or bringing a relic of the old Elven Kingdoms. There are no hard rules for who can put their name there, leading to a massive list covering the trunk.

Sleeping Quarters

The first floor of the tavern has room for people to sleep after a long journey. A long hallway with five bedrooms, each with space for two guests. At the end is Balhorn's personal quarters, somewhat bigger than the other rooms, where the Elf keeps his personal belongings away from guests.


The place where food is prepared by its chef, a humble little thing with enough place to work inside and cook things outside. Shelves with pots and pans, stoves for cooking up vegetables and meat, and a fresh hunt hanging ready to get cooked.


A stuffed cellar full of cheap ale, barrels of alcohol and enough wine to satisfy a small army. One can enter the basement through Old Iadell's tunnels, but the door to it is bolted shut. Only some immense strength or magical spell is capable would allow access.

The Staff

The Lost Tale is home to a few noteworthy faces coming from across the region. Each brings their own experience living in Silva to the tavern, ensuring that the place is safe for anyone to have a nice pint and enjoy a warm meal.

Balhorn Weimann

It's not all just long beards with Elven fashion. I go for one with some volume behind it!
— Balhorn Weimann

Bartender and owner of the Lost Tale, Balhorn Weimann is a formidable Elf that shows quite the muscle and strength for his kind. He has been working the bar for 60 years, providing the drinks and handling the costs. A friendly giant of a man.

Alber Mackutte

You have to use the beasts you hunt for something. I learned how to make them into a fine meal.
— Alber Mackutte

Alber Mackutte used to hunt beasts that populate Silva's wilderness. Now, the Hobgoblin works the kitchen, preparing every meal served to the customer. Even to this day does he gather his own food, ensuring that all ingredients he uses are as fresh as it can get.

Jolyne Sullivan

The bandage? Oh, I'm not hurt. People just really don't like the eyes, it makes them uncomfortable.
— Jolyne Sullivan

Jolyne Sullivan is someone whose Tiefling heritage led to a disfigured face she is too ashamed of showing. While she does stand out amongst the staff for more than her appearance, her years travelling Silva allowed her to learn a lot about the many people living here.

Valis Presran

Once you robbed a few rich peeps around here, you know how things go around these scattered parts.
— Valis Presran

Valis Presran was once a former thief on the roads of Silva until his robberies let him to the Lost Tale. There, he found some purpose with helping serve the guests and keep the rooms clean. Though the Half-Elf still has some history with the bad side of the region.

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Hopefully we get to hear more about the owner and other staff. Similar to Shadow Malachi i see the outside stairs to the rooms being a potential problem, but not to great a one depending on the staff's helpfulness. Interesting idea though.   Couple editing notes and questions, mostly on the layout section: I'm assuming they get drinks from the bar, not a bear.   How much seating is everyone? 20 people, 40, 100. depending on how popular the ruin is on the diameter of the tree trunk in the middle that is a huge difference in size. With a table built around the tree trunk how do people get to it to carve in their names? And what is the criteria? Does it have to be a major find, magical perhaps, or does any relic of Old Iadell qualify one to carve their name into the trunk? With it being build around a tree, how weatherproof is the tavern?   For the enterance into the dungeon, I would change "dungeon" to sewers or tunnels if they connect to the rest of the ruins. Dungeon, although it has a certain connotation in TTRPGs, makes me think of something more self contained. Also I would say it is "barred off" instead of off-limits, to imply some security from the tavern side.

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Oh nice, I really like the descripton of what the place looks like. And it's a logical place for someone to try their luck at running an inn. Also oh my, a secret recipe from days of old! o,o   Question: Could an adventurer sneak through the dungeons to reach the wine cellar and rob the place?

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You technically could, but the door's pretty much immoveable unless you either have the strength (or magic) to pry it open. Also Old Iadell's tunnels are a little maze-like and in a state of disrepair, so you might wanna be careful where you walk around (or hope nothing else wanders the tunnels).

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A solid entry for the Tavern Challenge. I particularly like the subtle use of CSS when highlighting some elements of the page.

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I love that its signature drink was discovered in the ruins under the new tavern. An auspicious place to build indeed! Weimann has good instincts :) Sounds like the staff have some pretty colorful pasts as well--they could very well be an adventuring party themselves. It'd be interesting to see the hiring practices, as to what would make the elf choose this particular group of people. Well done!

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Well done on painting a picture in my brain! I really like what you've going on from the new building on old ruins, with tunnes and secret wine sellers to tree's growing trough roofs.

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This is great! After just reading your article on how you write and some of your tips and tricks, it's great to see them in work. One thing that had me begging from more after reading this was the highlighted "Old Iadell" texts throughout the article. I kept hoping for a little pop-out explaining this more, but alas, I found none.   How will I ever know what to carve into the tree when I visit?   Other than that, which may just be me missing something, this is great! I love that it is relatively short, my wondering attention did not get lost too much