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Second Flame


Written by Endrise

Her ways of communicating got a lot more... compact over the years.
— Ori Santoro

The Second Flame is a necklace worn by Ori Santoro, giving her direct ties to the Celestial Fasma. With it, she rekindled the First Flame, beginning a new age for the Wandering Flame's Church.

The Celestial Comet

A Stone on some rope

When the relic was first made, it was but a simple rock tied around Ori's neck with some rope. The rock itself has a soft cyan hue, warm to the touch, with faint glowing embers sticking from it. But as years went by, the Fire Maiden improved upon its design.

A silver chain replaced the rope, and the stone got polished to a smooth level. Decorative silver encases the oval stone, whose embers remain lit within.

Link between Worlds

The Second Flame’s original purpose was to rekindle the First Flame, but that purpose was long fulfilled. Nowadays, Ori uses it as a method to communicate with Fasma.

When worn, it allows the Celestial to call her where needed. When directly held, it allows the Fire Maiden to gaze into the Celestial Realm and communicate with Fasma in person. The difference is that doing it this way is hazier than with the First Flame.

Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Holder

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History of the Second Flame


Shortly after the Undead Crisis’s end, Fasma came to realise the problems occurring in Fabulae. To fix these problems, she had to first rekindle the First Flame. To do so, she brought down a second comet from the sky, the Second Flame, who would seek a new Fire Maiden.

It landed in Peripatia, where the explorer Ori Santoro first discovered it. She found the impact site of the meteor on the outskirts of the kingdom, discovering the small fragment glowing amongst the dark night. Out of curiosity, she approached and picked it up, allowing her to gaze into the Celestial Realm. That day, she met Fasma, who offered to elaborate on what was happening.

I have made many mistakes in the past, some more disastrous than others. But I can’t keep burying them, hoping they will be forgotten.   Things need to change, and all I ask is for you to help me do so.
— Fasma

Understanding the issue at hand, Ori obliged to aid the Celestial. Fasma gifted the Half-Elf her divine blessing, making her become the new Fire Maiden. With it, they proceeded towards Luxaltar to rekindle the first Flame.

Rekindling the Flame

Rekindling the First Flame was difficult, with Ori’s arrival at Luxaltar being met with doubt. The girl had no plan, leading to her first attempt being confronting the guards and explaining it. To no surprise, people believed her to be some insane person, making her get jailed and thrown out of the capital. But her words grabbed the attention of the Grievers, who were willing to listen to her.

Working together with the group and getting aid from the Prometheists, Ori planned a Siege on the First Flame's Church. She infiltrated through the catacombs, confronting the church’s council. Though like before, she was met on deaf ears, with them refusing to believe her.

To prove them, she used the Second Flame to ask Fasma to convince them, who obliged. Each of the members witnessed the Celestial Realm and the Celestial's true form, proving to them she was chosen by Fasma herself. As punishment, the Celestial took any magic from them, whether it be blessing or curse, spell or boon. Making them all unworthy of any arcane gift.

Once she convinced the council, Ori moved on towards the First Flame. By using the embers of the Second Flame, she rekindled the altar, beginning a new age for the faith. Ever since, the Second Flame remains close to her, worn around her neck at all times.

Cover image: Item Cover by Endrise


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