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Scar of Himminskalm

The Crack in the Crown

Written by Endrise

Some believe that this passageway was made by the sword of one of the Titans, trying to cleave through the mountains they were sealed behind. Frightening thought some being could wield a weapon so big right?
— Nõrdlann native

Those who can journey through the Eye of Hjarnag end up reaching the Crown of the World, the Himminskalm Mountains. However, only one known passageway exists to enter the plateau, simply referred to as the Scar of Himminskalm.

Barely large enough to fit a wagon past and a few miles long, many explorers that even reached it refuse to go through the passage. Many believe it's guarded by some supernatural force, whether an army of the dead or some inhuman horror that not even the mightiest Nõrdman could slay. Others tell about a Dwarven clan who devoted themselves to Hjarnag making home in the passage, keeping out intruders with their traps and weaponry.

Alternative Name(s)
The Crack in the Crown
Valley of the Titans
Road to the Unknown
Mountain Pass
Location under

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