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Millemort Dress

Fairy Fashion

Written by Endrise

This isn't just a dress, it's a masterpiece woven out of the blood, sweat and tears from over 87 years. People don't understand how long it takes to get silk from their larva, how hard it is to remove their wings without damaging them.
— Adelie Desrosiers

In the pursuit of fashion, some people find their creativity in rather morbid regions. One of them resulted in the Millemort Dress. Designed by the tailor Adelie Desrosiers, this garment consists of the bodies from over hundreds of Fairies. Each one having given their life to complete it.

Fae-touched Fashion

The Millemort Dress is a professional piece of art, tailored for nobody but her tailor itself. According to Adelie's diary, she tried to emulate the presence of a Archfae, if not surpass it.

The outfit began simple, implementing designs recorded by those that saw Fae. Over time, things got more and more elaborate. Decorative parts became functional, as translucent cloth was replaced with fairy wings. In the end, completion took almost 87 years and over six hundred wings.

The Price for Perfection

The unfortunate truth about the dress is the fact its creation is at the cost of numerous lives. Striving for perfection, Adelie sought out only the finest materials, which included using actual Fairies.

Adelie studied the insectoid Fae species for years and learned how to extract their materials. Many were taken without consent in one of many ways:

  • Silk taken from Fairy larvae, often extracted over the period of days.
  • Fairy wings were surgically removed, both from living subjects and dead ones.
  • Fairy dust gathered from scraping fairy wings until all scales were gone.

In the end, its creation is a barbaric but incredible showcase of craftmanship, giving it the nickname "the thousand death dress". Even today it has been a case study, both for its horrific origins and its methods of creation.

Why would I use inferior materials?
— Adelie Desrosiers

Interwoven Magic

One particular side-effect of the usage of so much Fairy dust is that the dress has become highly magical. According to its tailor, it is so potent it could amplify any spell to that of a well-trained spellcaster. Not that surprising, she sees it as a success for her art.

However, practical usage of it is put into question. The mere presence of it has led to hallucinations, alongside other illusionary trickery. Some might believe it is even sentient or capable of moving on its own. As such, It only gets displayed without allowing anyone to wear it at all.

The Infamy of the Millemort Dress

Do what you must. What is but another life in the pursuit of art?
— Adelle Desrosiers

Granted, such creation did not go unnoticed. Numerous Fairies across Roselia disappeared over the span of years. Many were never found but the few that showed back up either were wingless or in worst cases, dead. Numbers estimate anywhere from several hundred to thousands vanished.

Only when the dress was complete did they find out Adelle to be behind it all. With the secret revealed, the Elf was imprisoned and inevitably executed for her crimes. The dress was only discovered several years later, found in a hidden room inside her house after knocking was heard.

From there, it made its route amongst many collectors before ending up at a local museum. There it nowadays remains, kept as a reminder of Adelle's crimes.

Millemort Dress by Endrise

Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Current Holder
Raw materials & Components
  • Silk
  • Cold Iron
  • 600 Fairy wings
  • Fairy Dust

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Cover image: Item Cover by Endrise


Author's Notes

This article was made for the Costume Challenge here on WorldAnvil!

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5 May, 2021 12:26

The art is great, and I love the new css.

5 May, 2021 12:28


5 May, 2021 16:17

That is some lugubre creation you are describing there. But oh so interesting! Well written article, it reads as a complete story on it's own. Also I like the drawing you made.

Time Bender
6 May, 2021 01:26

Oh wow, i love the picture that shows off the dress! But also, dang, that's horrifying. The dress cost so many lives! I'm not sure just how sentient the Fae are in this world, but it seems like a dress a serial killer would make, if the Fae were humans. If you get what I mean! An astounding article, however, it was quite nice to read; best of luck in the competition.

6 May, 2021 02:03

The making of this dress was mortifying. I like it.

6 May, 2021 04:08

I freaking love this, Endrise! The art, the article! Only you could come up with something like this. And I mean that in a good way. :D

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 May, 2021 13:09

Great article! I love the introductory quote :D and you have a very nice drawing!   I love the name Millemort :D Though should that not be a thousand fairies dying for it? :p That could make a nice slogan "Millemort, a thousand deaths for its making" or something like that.   " tailored for nobody but her tailor itself." I think you mean "its tailor herself" here?   " Many were taken without consent in one of many ways:" can they actually consent to that? Do they either? It must be very painful for them and then they can't fly? An din fact, are they actually sentient? Since you say they are insect-like, I thought they also have the mind of insects.   Nice that it makes people hallucinate :D

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7 May, 2021 11:54

This was a wonderful read! So wicked!

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8 May, 2021 18:35

Oh my at first is was that looks like a very pretty dress. And then I saw they way it was made, absolutly barbaric! very nice :p Nice into quote as well. I wonder if there was any retribution from the faeries or did they never learn about how the dress was made?

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11 May, 2021 10:15

Interesting article. The production process seems very cruel. It would be nice to see if there are any protests against its production and use

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Gege Escriva
12 May, 2021 20:26

Interesting article! The layout format is very pretty! I already loved the art when i saw it at the Discord server so i felt i needed to check the information out. Wow, there is a heavy contrast about how regal and beautiful this outfit looks in the outside and the cruel and barbaric manufacturing process, is a good way to show that not all what shines is gold and that some people can do horrible things for the sake of style. It is also pretty realistic, is something we can see pretty often when we modern humans capable of creating synthetic materials, think about how clothing used to be crafted when science wasn't that advanced and people didn't care too much about animal cruelty. Like Kajetan said in another comment, it would be interesting to know if there is people who protested against the creation method of this dress.   Amazing job!!

Gege Escriva
12 May, 2021 20:28

Ps: 87 years! Holy cow, that's a lot of time!! And the opening quote really fits :D.

14 May, 2021 01:38

You know. I, for one, have never really liked the idea of "magic clothes". This is mainly because I always thought it weird or it was blandly done. Blame my time in D&D 5e, but this article has REALLY gotten me thinking. I appreciate the effort put into the materials of the clothing as well as how magic is interwoven and why. This is a very interesting article and has led me to investigate your world further! Well done!   I really like the art here and how it seems to shimmer on the page. (Its not animated, is it? It feels like it is and I'm just missing it.) And I love the attention to detail about the Fae-touched aspects of it. Though, I can't imagine sewing something for 87 years. I barely can get by an hour when I was doing it. Props to Adelie!

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23 May, 2021 22:58

Wowee, that is one hella dark dress D: I love the name you gave it, and your new css is great!

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Sage Dejers
Dejers Garth
27 May, 2021 13:29

Okay, intriguing article! It has a lot of cool ideas, and the overall concept has a lot of intrigue backing it up!   However, I noticed a major inconsistency that I'll point out to help out. :)   The most important thing for me here is that your final explanation says that the dress was discovered years after Adelle had been imprisoned and (implied) executed. That's a problem, because then your quotes don't make sense and the timeline itself doesn't make sense. Your earlier text says that she refutes the idea that she used fairy bodies as a material! Can't have done that if nobody knew about the dress. Also, did she never wear the dress she put so much effort and time into making?   Etc, etc, I think the easiest way to fix this is to change the final section to something like her being discovered after wearing the creation instead of it being found later on.   Other than that, I thought this was a cool article with a cool idea behind it.   Thanks for sharing!

28 May, 2021 03:06

Cool article! What a gruesome background to what was no doubt a stunning dress. Well done!

29 May, 2021 01:39

Pfff, she was only executed? Not have her arms and legs removed and then kept in prison for a while first? Got away easy then. o,o

Grandmaster ChroniclesofEvalaw
Olarae & Astaroth Arcaine
5 Jun, 2021 00:46

Absolutely love it, mainly for the Macabre nature! The pursuit of perfection where no price is too high for Fashion! Sadly, not too far from reality!

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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
10 Jun, 2021 12:04

What a fantastic—and horrifying!—backstory. The phrase "over six hundred wings" is haunting me. Just really fantastic work.

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12 Jun, 2021 09:09

It's terrifying with that music playing in the background, but I love it nonetheless. :D

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