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Written by Endrise

Keet (a.k.a. Parrot)

It is fascinating where life can take you: one day you’re a travelling street performer, the next day you are a crewmate of the pirate queen herself.
— Keet

A former bard that travelled across the isles of Inselreich, Keet now belongs to the Crust Crew of the CC Crusty Sailor. An excellent vocalist with skills in ventriloquism, he now helps the Crescent Captain upkeep her status as his part of the deal.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A well-built Siren, Keet is a tall man with a body chiselled from working out. Like other Sirens, with a head covered in cyan feathers and large gills on each side.

Like all members of the Crust Crew, he has a small crab tattoo on his left hand.

Special abilities

Like many other Sirens like him, Keet has an affinity with manipulating his own vocal range. Through years of training, he can mimic almost any sound or voice of anyone or anything. As long as he knows what the person sounds like.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Born on the Siren Islands, Keet was one of the few males born during his birth year. Being the only guy in his family, he was a bit of an outlier amongst his home from a young age.

Growing up, he developed his vocal skills, gaining quite a mastery in voice mimicry and vocal performances. With it, he did one-man acts, using his vocal range to play different roles at the same time. More often than not with stories passed down from his mothers.

Over the course of his teenage years he learned how to perfect said art, getting better at his roles. For a while he downright became a tourist attraction, the so-called “one-man band”.

Journeying abroad

As he turned 17, Keet wanted to explore the world a bit rather than stay in his hometown. Taking the ship to the mainland, he got on shore in Sichelan. From there, he drifted between ports, earning a living through street performances.

His most common form of entertainment were the one-man shows and his vocal range. People would pay him to hear the impersonations, no matter the accent nor the gender. He even teamed up with a few other street performers to do some spectacles from time to time.

While his popularity never got big, it paid a living. Keet would drift from port to port, spending anywhere from a week to a month at each one. His sleeping spots became local inns where he often would pay the rent as entertainment for the bar.

Joining the Crust Crew

While travelling through a small port town, he met Elisabeth Saltfroid VII. Finding her lost in town, drunken as can be, he kept her at an inn until she could sober up. Only when he realised her rivals were hunting her down, Keet fled the port to hide her in a nearby sea cave.

Once she was sober enough to talk with, he explained the situation she got herself in. Realising what transpired, Elisabeth thanked the Siren and tried to think of a plan to escape. To do so, Keet would need to grab a rowboat from the docks, and bring it back to their hiding spot so that they could escape onto the open seas. Something Keet had no problem doing for her.

Back at the port town though, the plan fell apart once her rivals realised he was helping her escape. Luckily for him, Elisabeth abandoned the plan as fast and arrived to the port causing quite a scene. Which unfortunately led to both her rivals and authorities to be aware of her presence.

I don't even know why she suggested the plan if she didn't even try to follow it. But I now realise that is sadly sort of her thing.
— Keet

Blowing up the rival’s ship and setting an entire dock on fire, the two escaped on the rowboat. Waiting for her crew to pick her up, the two drifted began talking, learning more of one another. Understanding that Keet would get hunted down for helping her out, she offered him a spot on her crew. Knowing he would have nowhere else to go, he agreed upon it.

Once the crew picked both of them up, Keet got assigned as Elisabeth’s eyes and ears alongside helping with the public side of things.




For a long period in his life, Keet worked as a street performer, making his living by acting on the streets. It was only after Elisabeth came into his life that he went into the pirate’s life.

With his current employment on the Crusty Sailor, he helps act as the eyes and ears of the captain as second in command. Though he also acts as the crew’s entertainment during long journeys, providing music and performances.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes


  • Performances
  • Chatting about adventures
  • Elisabeth
  • Dislikes

  • Spicy food
  • People interrupting him
  • Dealing with chaotic situations
  • Virtues & Personality perks

    Many around Keet consider him good at expressing himself and being honest about the people around him. While that honesty can be quite serious, he never tries to break people down over it.

    Whenever he has issues, he tries to find solutions as well. Sometimes he can be blunt with the answers, but Keet tries to comfort others as best as he can.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    While calm and patient, in chaotic scenes his temper gets the better of him to the point of shouting at people. Once angered, his honesty gets far more aggressive, leading to him saying some horrendous things by accident.

    Still, Keet tries to regain his composure after such outbursts, even if he remains grumpy afterwards. He is not famous for his outbursts and regrets it whenever it happens.



    You must be pretty thin-skinned if that joke made you foam at the mouth.
    — Keet

    An honest and positive man, Keet has a rather optimistic tone to the way he speaks. Trying to spin things in a better light unless it starts to sounds delusional to him.

    Keet likes to joke with people, toying with them through playful jabs. But rarely does he do it to offend anyone he meets. Only against rivals become those jabs a bit more hurtful.



    Crewmate (Important)

    Towards Elisabeth Saltfroid VII



    Elisabeth Saltfroid VII

    Captain (Important)

    Towards Keet




    Elisabeth Saltfroid VII and Keet met at a small port down in Sichelan because of a situation Elisabeth got herself into. After escaping a rival pirate group, she offered the Siren a place on the Crust Crew as her eyes and ears.

    A few months in, the two started forming a relationship, dating behind the scenes. Only a few of the other crew members even knew of it, intentional or not.

    The two did grew more distant as it became harder to keep the secret up, deciding to break up before it got out of hand. Though it was not with any hard feelings, as the two remain flirty with one another to this day.

    Neutral Good
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    One-Man Band
    Year of Birth
    1163 AFE 21 Years old
    Cyan feathers
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    6'2" | 1.9m
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages

    Cover image: Character Cover by Endrise
    Character Portrait image: Keet by Endrise


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    18 Jan, 2022 16:20

    Nice read. A siren really seems like a fit species for this challenge ^^ The voice mimicry is very interesting and seems like a great asset to have for being a bard.

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    23 Jan, 2022 16:30

    A very 'exotic character', being a Siren and all, but yet somewhat of this world with his trait of losing it in the face of stress. Makes him quite relatable. I also like the 'pun-ny' idea of having an entertainer being straight out a Siren. :)

    My world is Samthô - a 'as realistic as possible' fantasy-world, that's still in its childhood stage.
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    26 Jan, 2022 10:51

    Nawr, I love this Siren idea and how Keet dates Elisabeth. Sadly they can't flourish but maybe in the future. :)

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    31 Jan, 2022 05:42

    The Crusty Sailor! Our favorite crab ship is back!   So do sirens have frills (a natural fringe of feathers or hair on a bird or other animal) or gills, for breathing in water? Thats my only question/feedback. great job on the article. Seems like a very fun character to adventure with Jeremy the crab (and everyone else i guess)

    31 Jan, 2022 19:13

    The big things on the sides of their head are gills. They're like axolotls in a sense.   Thanks! Glad you like it! :)

    Eternal Sage AmélieIS
    Amélie I. S. Debruyne
    7 Feb, 2022 16:52

    Nice character! And crabs! XD His meeting with Elisabeth was fun. Does she make it a habit to get drunk on land when she is alone or did something happen that specific time? :p   You didn't mention how he found the life of a pirate. does he regret his previous life, is he merely satisfied, or is it really something he has come to love?

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    8 Feb, 2022 21:59

    Elisabeth has a tendency to just, show up drunk. People have seen her less sober than drunk. And who even knows what happened when she got there, the crew didn't even see her sneak out.   The pirate life mainly came after Elisabeth because, well, saving the most notorious pirate is going to have you end up both in the hands of the law and rival pirate gangs. He does wish it can be a bit less hectic, but enjoys the experience none the less.

    8 Feb, 2022 08:57

    That is a beautiful character and very vividly painted. The short story describing his relationship with Elisabeth did the job. I was a bit confused, though, at the part when the pirate gang captured him, probably because I read gang as a group of people rather than a criminal organisation. But after a second read, it was clear.   There is a missing verb around the 3rd sentence of the "Joining the Crust Crew" section.   Considering likes and dislikes, almost all of the abovementioned were pictured in the story. All except the "spicy foods". Is it a dislike with a passion with a recollection of a memory or just a "meh" kind of thing?

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    10 Feb, 2022 06:31

    He sounds like he could get out of trouble by mimicking people! Quite the useful ability, that.

    17 Feb, 2022 03:14

    I love the voice mimicry as the focus for his art! And he's a fun character, too. I think I would like him if I were to meet him in a bar, and he would have some amazing stories to tell.

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    18 Feb, 2022 17:57

    Voice mimicry is a favorite of mine - so many applications. I'm sure the pirates love him for it. For someone who hates getting into trouble he seems to have caught up just with the perfect person to get him into it. I would love to have heard more stories about Elisabeth and Keet, they seem to be a very interesting team (with a lot of romantic tension). So what is his position on the pirate ship like? Does the crew treat him any differently, since I assume they at least suspect he is involved with the captain? I'm curious!

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