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Himminskalm Plateau

Realm of the Gods

Written by Endrise

If you thought that Nõrdlann already was one of the deadliest places on Fabulae, wait until you have seen its center.
— Vinaboo the Hunter

Behind the crown of the world known as the Himminskalm mountains lies the most isolated place on the material plane: The Himminskalm Plateau. Few have seen the landscape, mainly because of the Eye of Hjarnag prevents any mortal of coming even near it without being shred apart by the storm. Only a few that are gifted are barely capable of approaching the edge, with fewer even getting to the center.

Those who are capable of reaching the plateau will quickly notice how different it is compared to the rest of the continent. Whereas the world outside freezes one's soul over from the cold, here the warmth embraces you like one's lover. The frozen grounds have been replaced by grassy hills. Biting winds now are but a gentle summer breeze. It's as if the place itself is its very own dimension disconnected from the real world...

...And maybe it is. The plateau is home to one of the world's largest Aetheryical Hot-Spot on all of Fabulae, making the place beyond just magical: The influence of the Faelands itself leaks into it, warping the effects of both time and space as a result. In technical terms it is its very own pocket dimension, removed from the laws of the material plane.

Land of the Giants

Everyone knows that on Nõrdlann , dire animals tend to go rampant, most normal wildlife being replaced with prehistoric juggernauts. The Plateau takes this up another notch, introducing both plants and animals that can grow as big as houses. More informally known as Titan beasts, these gigantic creatures roam the area as if they were just regular living beings, but supercharged by supernatural forces.

While most of them are just a giant version of their normal counterpart, some individual species have gained new peculiar abilities, some more magical than others: flying squirrels who float with gush of winds, massive elks with antlers that can hurl boulders or even wolves whose claws rip through solid steel.

Home of the Gods

One of the most noticeable locations amongst the wilderness of the plateau is known as the Great Halls, the home of the Nõrdic gods themselves. Originally belonging to the Old Gods of Nõrdlann, it has been repurposed as the base of operations those deities, eyeing the surrounding area for any threats that might arise. Seeing as some Titans are believed to still roam the area, Hjarnag and her underlings ensure none escape the confines of the crown, hunting those who might attempt it.

Jötunns, the natives of the Plateau

Beyond the regular gods of the Nõrdic Pantheon who make their home here, one can also find the Jötunns, the Giants of the frozen north themselves. Said to be created from the remains of the Titans, these humongous humanoids live in small settlements around the fields. For the most part, they are just like us, except bigger and living in their own bubble of an ecosystem amongst small communities.

Some do occasionally show up outside the mountain ranges, whether it be by accident or because they are sent out by someone else. Although people fear their size, few are known to be hostile without questioning. It's often the result of miscommunication which causes their kind to attack the settlements.

Ethnicity | Dec 5, 2019
Alternative Name(s)
Land of Titans
Realm of the Gods
The Hunting Grounds
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Author's Notes

This article was made during the WorldEmber 2019 event throughout the month of December. Light up the forge my friends!

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