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Roots of the Mountain

Written by Endrise

Fjallguth (a.k.a. The Mad King)

The mad Titan wears the crown of the world, believing himself to be the king of the mountains. But the king rules over nothing but his own prison.
— Dimitris

Known as the Titan of the Mountains, Fjallguth once ruled the Dwarves with an iron fist. A tyrant and a slave driver, now his corpse lies amongst the Sundered Fissure.

But even after his death he took his kingdom. Through the making of Fleshmetal and the destruction of Frelshold, he now reigns over the ruins. A formless ruler claiming the crown of the world as his own, awaiting the day to take back his slaves.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

What remains of the Titan's form is a mass that's neither organic or inorganic. A fleshy substance shapeless in nature, yet trying to gather itself in a form it once remembered.

Tendrils of copper veins engulf the city it claims, pulsing like a beating heart. Semblances of limbs and organs coat the streets, trying to remember its own insides. The only semblance of anything humanoid is the large central skull, wearing a crown of scrapmetal.

The rest of its "body" is nothing but vague body parts contorted amongst ruins and buildings. Exposed muscle flowing like a liquid, reshaping itself into new, more horrific forms.

Special abilities

Warped into the material known as Fleshmetal, Fjallguth's whole nature is an amorphous horror. Not bound by any form, its shape can become almost anything over time, whether that be organic life or weaponry alike. Their forms can even blend together into eldritch shapes.

Fjallguth's horrific nature can also infect and absorb organic tissue and metals alike to grow its mass. Whatever conscious attached to it gets destroyed in the progress.

The only hinderance is that his tissue does not function in colder temperatures. At a certain threshold, it hardens too much to move, locking the Titan in place.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Like many of the first Titans, Fjallguth was one of the children of the Celestial Fasma. Born during Prehistoria, he would be the Titan of the peaks and the depths, causing the formations of caverns and mountains. But like many of his siblings, he rebelled against his mother.

For him, he tried to claim the crown of the world Himminskalm for his own, leading the Nõrdic Titan War. Through an iron fist he enslaved the Antomniae that served beneath him, and combined with his powers reaked havoc upon the lands.

However, when Hjarnag forced him and the other Titans onto the Himminskalm Plateau, he fled into the caverns below the mountains. Taking with him his enslaved mortals, he vanished from the surface world, building his empire deep below.

The Death of Fjallguth

Once forced down into the Himminskalm, Fjallguth built his empire deep within the roots of the mountains. The Antomniae, who became the Dwarves, built halls and monuments in his name, even if against their will. With nowhere to go due to the Eye of Hjarnag, he made the crown of the world his own personal paradise. But all at the cost of his society suffering beneath him.

That all changed when one day they tricked the Titan to go down towards the mines. Luring him into the caverns below, the Dwarves collapse it above his head, burying the Titan.

Enraged the Titan tried to pry himself out the rubble, only to be met with the fury of his servants. Pickaxes drove through his flesh, machinery used against him, until they poured the molten metals straight over the god. In utter anguish, Fjallguth fell beneath stone and steel.

The Fall of Frelshold

We should've abandoned that city ages ago and left the Titan to rot. Instead we wore its flesh without knowing its origins.
— Dimitris

After his demise, people forgot about him. But despite his destruction, he did not die. The Titan's body tried repairing its wounds, corrupting as metal pried it only further open. Whatever came from it led to its body fusing with the mineral, becoming both yet neither at the same time.

Eventually, during further mining into the mountains, the Dwarves of Frelshold found the body. Now reduced to a mineral vein , they dug it loose and began to use it for their tools. Fjallguth laid dormant throughout, waiting for a moment to strike.

As the mineral known as Fleshmetal spread in usage, one day he woke up, causing havoc across the Dwarven capital. Tendrils of flesh fused together anything metallic or organic into eldritch forms. The entire city of Frelshold got torn asunder by the wrath of the Titan.

The Dwarves that escaped sealed up the tunnels, leaving Fjallguth imprisoned in the Sundered Fissure. To this day, he still resides within the ruins of the settlement, waiting to break free.

Personality Characteristics


The mad king is only driven by his desire to rule over all. Even while now waiting for something to break him out of his prison, he plans on ways to control the world of Fabulae. To assimilate it into his mass, to spread his roots throughout the land.

Vices & Personality flaws

The Titan's greatest flaw is its own ego, known to be higher than any mountain can even surpass. Notorious for a superiority complex and his narcissism, it leads to him belittling all beneath him. One so great he puts himself above all else.

His other flaw is the almost mindless obsession with wanting to control. Even in his horrific shape, he wishes to rule over others both on a physical and mental level, even by force.



What remains of Fjallguth's fractured psyche is a rambling speech pattern that seems oblivious to parts of the world. Snapping between tones and speaking through several mouths, it makes any emotion hard to decipher from speech alone.

Area of Concern
Caves, mountains, the underground, minerals
divine Symbol
A melting skull with a crown of mountains
Caves, Chaos, Madness
Favoured Weapon

Honorary & Occupational Titles
He who wears the crown
Mad King
Mountain King
The Roots of the Mountains
The Shapeless Flesh
Titan of Depths and Peaks
Assumed Male
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Liquid muscle and tissue

Cover image: Character Cover by Endrise


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3 Apr, 2022 01:34

Very eldritch horror aspected. Great adventure seed - rumors of a ruined city with vast wealth destroyed by wars with Titans. The dwarves know better and maybe have stories, try to. warn away the foolish. Or some surface lords think they might claim, control and use the fleshmetal....