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Feral Fungi

Written by Endrise

Horror does not come screaming into your face. It stalks you in the streets and already has taken a hold of you before you even are aware it exists.
— Drow Elder

Amongst the depths of the Subterrane, Drow tell about the legend of the Firenchawn. Infested with fungal growths, this humanoid monstrosity roams the caverns, seeking to infect and spread. Those who know of it, fear the plague it brings upon their homes.

The Firenchawn

The Firenchawn is often described as a tall and slender Drow figure, infested from head to toe with fungal growths. Gender and age vary from telling to telling, with some saying it's an old woman while others describe it as a young man.

Either way, its sole purpose is to spread its spores. Sometimes it walks into a city and infects everyone, other times it hunts for explorers. A few tales even speak of entire groups of Firenchawns, working together to hunt.

Infamy Amongst the Subterrane

As the many tales spread across the Subterrane, so did the paranoia. It didn't take long before precautions were made, as nowadays mushrooms aren't harvested by Drow themselves. Instead, they rely on their Goblin slaves to do it for them.

Should a place get infected, the only way to avoid a pandemic is by incineration. As such, infected areas tend to get purged in flames, whether that be a mere house or entire cities. Sometimes even a mere rumour can be enough to have one burn down a place to avoid the fungus spreading.


Alternative names
Fungal Madness
Mushroom Man
The Rotting Fiend
Related Species
Related Locations

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Cover image: Myth/Legend Cover by Endrise


Author's Notes

This article was made for Inktober 2019, for both the Overgrown and Legend prompts! Happy Halloween!

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