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Arcane Blood

Written by Endrise, idea by Raikomaru
Faegraft is a condition in which the person's physical traits and abilities begin to mutate to resemble that more of a Fae. Commonly the reason for the Fae bloodline amongst sorcerers, many people both fear and love the idea of this condition, either actively seeking it out or trying to avoid it at all costs.

Transmission & Vectors

Almost all Fae can cause this mutation of the bloodline, whether they are primitive beings or some of the mightiest of Fae creatures. However, there does seem to appear to be a correlation with the symptoms manifesting quicker the more adapt the Fae is with using magic or being magical themselves. For instance, a mere Fairy would take years before Faegraft could manifest, while Elder Fae can almost inflict the condition by just standing there.


The main symptoms of Faegraft are a genetic reconstruction of the body, turning one's being more similar to that of a Faelands inhabitant. This commonly manifests in more abstract colouring of the skin or hair, senses increasing or more commonly an excessive increase in arcane potential.

Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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