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Dune Fiends

Dragon Riders

Written by Endrise

Many Kobolds see Dragons as their gods, their makers and leaders. But for them? A dragon is but an equal or lesser. A mount to aid in their survival.
Across the deserts of Mojhara, Kobold tribes thrive in many forms. But one of the more notorious is the scavenger culture of the Dune Fiends. Kobolds that learned to fight in the harsh climates they grow up, and work together with Dragons that roam said deserts.

Kobolds of the Sand

Sailors of the Desert

Due to low scarcity of food supplies in the desert, Dune Fiends need to travel far and wide to earn their meals. Hence why many are well known scavengers of the dunes.   Their main strength is their affiliation with Mojhara's dragons, who they use as mounts during hunts. Others utilise their strength with the Dune Sailers to move around, leading to some of the society being nomadic in nature.

Cities of Tunnels

Dune Fiend settlements are built out of large networks of tunnels that can span hundreds of feet beneath the desert surface. Complicated mazes that regulate temperature while also providing housing for hundreds of Kobolds.   Such networks have multiple entry and exit points that allow them to appear across whole areas before anyone is aware of them. Which is why those actually trying to attack Kobold settlements might not find any Kobolds at all.   The other benefit is that such Kobold tunnels have many hiding spots and traps, making navigating them deadlier than one might think.

Equals to Dragons

Whereas many other Kobold tribes might see Dragons as superior beings, Dune Fiends have a relationship that considers themselves equal to the draconic race. Due to Mojhara Dragons' smaller posterior, they are less fearful of them, but respect them as much.   Tribes keep them as mounts to help them hunt and pull their Sailers, but also as powerhouses against larger predators. In return such dragons find comfort amongst Dune Fiends, finding their own protection there as well.

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Cover image: Ethnicity Cover by Endrise


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