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Dragonbreath Vodka

Burning Aftertaste

Written by Endrise

I tell you what, this stuff is great. Burns your stomach and destroys your liver in a few years, but can't deny it gives a great kick!
— Dwarven barkeep

With the many exotic and luxurious drinks found across Fabulae, one of them is Dragonbreath Vodka. A unique beverage with an ability to grant anyone the breath of a true Dragon.

Draconic Drinks

Brewing It

Like with regular vodkas, this one begins its life as grains such as rye and wheat, distilled and then diluted with water. What makes it unique is its addition of Dragon blood.

For every liter of vodka produced, about twenty drops are added to provide an extra punch to it. To wash out any metallic taste, flavouring is added to counteract it. As such, few bottles have a neutral taste to them or don't have some colouring to it.


The vodka itself is notorious for being a powerful drink, providing an alcoholic punch that no other beverage does. Anyone who doesn't have a proper liver might pass out from only one shot. Even experienced drinkers struggle to stand up straight after a few glasses.

As an added side-effect, the drink can grant people the breath weapon of a Dragon, depending on where the blood is from. From flaming cones of fire to straight lines of high-voltage electricty. Though many describe it as vomitting and repeated usage can hurt the throat.

While it can make it a powerful tool for any arsenal, the drunken state it puts people in makes it unreliable in most combat situations. To not speak of the friendly fire it might create.

A few Known variations

  • Midnight Shade: Known for a sour aftertaste that can numb one's taste buds.
  • Bottled Thunder: A vodka with fizz that can revigorate even the sleepiest person.
  • Alchemist's Acid: Another sour drink, although ending in a sweet aftertaste.
  • Devilsbreath: A strong drink that sets one's own saliva ablaze.
  • Snowstorm: Kept chilled, able to be both refreshing yet warms one's guts.
  • Brass Brawn: A concetrated variant of Devilsbreath, described as a spicy drink.
  • Construct's Delight: A rather electric drink that is also able to be used to power constructs.
  • Shieldeater: An acidic vodka that has rumours it can eat through the paint of one's shield.
  • Helio: Worth its weight in gold, known to be a throatburning sensation.
  • Silvereye: Kept in a chilled silver bottle, worth tenfold the price of regular vodka.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Very rare, often hand-made to even grab it.
Base Price
10.000 gold per bottle

A Rare Find

The biggest problem with producing Dragonbreath Vodka is finding Dragon blood. Due to the rarity of such beasts, it makes the drink quite rare and costly to produce. To not speak of it being either ethical or heretical to create due to protection by local factions.

Knock-off drinks tend to instead use Kobold blood, giving off similar looks but not effects. The only way to tell is by checking for the aftertaste, which lacks with bootleg bottles.

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Cover image: Item Cover by Endrise


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5 Dec, 2021 16:08

Really nice article! I don't drink alcohol but I sure want to try this one... :P

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6 Jan, 2022 23:28

Very cool article. Really like the idea of the breath weapon after effect. I wonder if it is full dragon powered or a reduced version. It seems that only the very rich could afford it, I wonder how well behaved those rich, drunken people might be. Could have a lot of property damage and injured people after a brawl.

7 Jan, 2022 16:10

I somewhat considered, due to the rarity of Dragons as well, rich folk have a bottle just in the cellar to show but never drink. Like a trophy showing you're rich.