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Draconic Cleanse

Written by Endrise

The blessing is like getting scorched in the breath of those fiends. All for a sliver of acceptance of the beasts that would not care less about our existence.
— Onora Roach
Amongst the many cultures in Raucher that worship the idea of Dragons, most of them partake into what is known as a draconic cleanse. To bathe into the essence of dragons and obtain its power, finally unlocking the potential hidden within one's own body.


To be Cleansed

The ritual itself involves a large body of draconic essence to be gathered. Big enough to fill a tub most of the time, but for others simply to cover their bodies in it. Such resources often come from the bubbling pools or wells people made to collect it.   From there, people participate in a ritualistic bath to "cleanse" themselves so that the essence might accept them. For some this is to coat their skin in the black liquid, others go as far to take a full on dive into it to have it reach every pore on their skin.

To be accepted

Should the essence accept their body, it would unlock any draconic genes that might remain buried inside someone. Such awakenings are common to be violent, convulting the body so the bloodline bubbles out.   It's not unheard of for some to go up in flames due to the flammable nature of draconic essence, leading to spectacles of them emerging from such fires. For others it can be as simple as clawing out, which is why many ritualistic chambers might not seem as pretty due to the many clawmarks.   From there on, those accepted are blessed with their draconic bloodline, and are honourably considered true descendants of Dragons. To be given the title of a pureblood descendant.

To be denied

Granted, not all have their draconic bloodlines activated from the cleanse. For every dozen individuals cleansed by the essence, others are rejected by it in violent ways.   The most common form is rashes, leaving the body in a scale-like rash but not awakening any draconic bloodline. Such individuals are considered unworthy then or rejected by dragons, that even cleansed their body shall not wield a dragon's power.   Such rejection often hits deep for most, considered to be outcasts in their beliefs. Amongst a few they might be even seen as cursed or feared, if a Dragon does not accept them.

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Cover image: Tradition Cover by Endrise


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15 Jul, 2022 05:23

Interesting ritual and risk.

25 Aug, 2022 21:13

Neat article. I would be interested to see something more on why the dragons choose to accept or reject someone/what do these people believe causes that acceptance or rejection. Is it the amount of draconic ancestry, or some other personal quality? And do their believes have anything to do with reality?

26 Aug, 2022 07:45

People are not sure, at best they assume it's a mixture of the right genes being able to trigger upon the reaction with the essence. Others assume it's just pure luck on how your body reacts to the substance.   As for their belief, it's a bit fickle as actual dragons might not even care about their descendants. It's all mythos assuming the old dragons did choose only the worthy to be of draconic heritage.