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He who moves mountains

Written by Endrise

Titan of the Isles Daidarabotchi (a.k.a. He who moves Mountains)

He was a gentle soul, wishing only peace and quiet upon this place. The moment I told him about the First Empress's reign...   ...I felt wrath that ignited the very air I breathed.
— Kuzunoha

Known as the Titan that moved the continents, Daidarabotchi is one of the first children of Fasma. Responsible for the creation of Zipangu, he was once worshipped by the first natives.

A mystified being that fought the First Empress, he was one of the crucial figures in the War that Broke Heaven. A giant that helped turn the tide against a tyrant.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Said to be a Titan taller than any mountain, old and wise with skin as black as tar. Cracks like stone cover the body, exposing a deep vibrant blue and releasing steam into the air. Growths of vegetation coat his flesh, home to their own ecosystems.

Special abilities

Daidarabotchi possesses the strength to move mountains and islands with his bare hands. As a child of Fasma, his power is above any god, and some even say above any other Titan.

It is also said he is able to gaze into one's soul, judging one on their very essence. Such stare is petrifying to those that look back, describing it as gazing into the chaos of creation itself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

As many of the other Titans, Daidarabotchi was born of Fasma during the birth of Fabulae. Made to move the continents, he was the force that shaped the islands and gave the planet its shape.

For the early years, he traversed the land and moved the regions about, forming mountains and valleys along his path. The Wandering Titan became his nickname, shaping the land wherever he went. And he was satisfied with these duties, admiring his own craftmanship upon the land.

When the Titan War broke out, he did not rebel, rather preferring to stay out of it. As such, he took a large chunk of Hua Xia and drove it off into sea, making Zipangu in the progress.

There, he settled down and awaited until the wars ended, turning the isles into his own gardens. Though as time moved on, he fell into a deep slumber, becoming hidden amongst the mountains.

Mountain God

When settlers of Hua Xia moved onto Zipangu in early history, they found the slumbering giant dormant amongst the mountains. Though the Titan slept through it, people tried appeasing it, seeing it as a guardian of the islands they settled upon.

During rare moments did he wake up, seeing the gifts of settlers and appreciating their generosity. In return, he would wander the isles to help their settlements strive by shaping the land itself. Rivers were redirected, mountains moved, making natives able to flourish.

Though those moments were but few, as Daidarobotchi slept through most of the early settling of Zipangu... And its conquering by the First Empress.

The War that Broke Heaven

Only centuries later did Daidarabotchi awaken once more, mainly by the daughter of the First Empress, Kuzunoha. As her mother was gone to Hua Xia to conquer more of the east, her child took the opportunity to ask for the Titan's aid.

She informed the Titan about her mother's crimes, speaking of the horrors she comitted to the land. The words enraged the peaceful giant, awakening an anger in him not felt since forever. But it was ennough to convince him to join Kuzunoha's side in the upcoming battle.

As the fleet of the First Empress arrived back at the shores, the angered Titan stood prepared to face her. Realising her daughter's betrayal,the Empress did not hesistate to try and cut him down a size, leading to the War that Broke Heaven.

The god-like beings fought across Zipangu, Daidarabotchi laying waste upon the Kitsune with all his might. Tossed across regions, smashed into the earth, ranges brought down upon her head. It even led to the birth of the Kitsunayama mountains, even if it only held her back for a bit.

But even if his fury broke the concentration of hers, it did not stop the First Empress from laying the final blow. With a swing of her blade, she cut down the Titan, making his body crash into the seas lifeless. Although in the end able to weaken her enough so that others could imprison her in the Empress Rock, it came at his own sacrifice.


He's watching over my mother, ensuring she never escapes that prison of hers. Or at least, if she does, that she never gets beyond the island's borders.
— Kuzunoha

Although believed dead, some do claim that his spirit lives on at sea. A looming figure that roams the seas at stormy weathers, believed to be the soul lingering after his death.



Despite his monstrous strength, Daidarabotchi is a gentle soul that cares about his surroundings. He takes deep considerations to be calm with his movements, moving slow and making sure nothing gets harmed in the way. Such carefulness goes as far to be able to pick someone up by the collar and not harm a hair on their head in the progress.


— Daidarabotchi

The Titan does not speak at all, being a known mute instead. Communication instead is done through gestures and body language, or even with sheer presence alone.


First Empress


Towards Daidarabotchi




Towards First Empress


Areas of Concern
Mountains, islands and lakes
Divine Symbol
A hand holding a mountain
Earth, strength, protection
Favoured Weapon

Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
He who moves mountains
Island Sculptor
Titan of the Continents
Wandering Titan
Circumstances of Death
Slain by the First Empress
Ocean Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pitch Black
Taller than any mountain

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