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Mother Nature

Avani (a.k.a. The Great Tree)

Every plant that bears root on these lands is the work of Avani. Even in death is she willing to protect those she once cared for.
— Elven Cleric

Avani is by many seen as the Titan of nature and the mother of all Elves. One of the many children of Fasma, she once embodied plants of all kinds.

Nowadays her body is rumoured to reside at Avani's Garden, in a state neither alive nor dead. One where her essence feeds the world, bringing new plant life into existence.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Most depictions of the Titan embody her as a full-figured woman, whose gigantic stature mixes with a myriad of plant life. Avani's hair stands up both in a crown of branches aimed at the sky while thick bushes cover her shoulders and throat.

Her skin resembles that of bark, covered in smaller plant growths of untold species. Lacking any actual face, instead a mask-like cover protects her head.

Special abilities

As an embodiment of nature, Avani manipulates things to grow and perish. With it she can change entire ecosystems, altering them through endless cycles of evolution. Often it tends to result in megaflora forming, commonly with interesting capabilities.

While she is hindered by only controlling plants, Avani can use it to manipulate other living things. From pollen in the air to fruits her plants bare, her creations can force changes in one's body. Whether they be healing wounds, or causing severe mutations.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Like many other Titans, Avani was born a child of the Celestial Fasma as one of the first gods. In her duty, she would ensure the change of nature, to have things flourish and perish. And with it, she took hold in Silva where the Titan took care of her Antomniae.

When the Titan War broke out, she was one of the few to not rebel against her mother, moreso concerned about her followers. Instead, she secluded herself and her Antomniae from the outside world, turning the region into a safehaven.

Over the untold years of the war, she kept her place secure and hidden from the outside world. But as Fasma made the first Fae, the Celestial offered a deal with Avani. To let the newborn fair folk arrive on Fabulae from Silva, and end the war. Hesistant, she obliged, allowing the first portals to the Faelands to sprout from her land.

With it she allowed the Fae to end the reign of the Titans, leaving her one of the few to survive the war. And with it, she continued her duties behind the scenes.

Tri-Realm War

For a long while, Avani lived peacefully amongst her followers, watching as they evolved into what people know as Elves. Silva around her blossomed into a wild ecosystem, as her curiosity of the world made her eager to learn of it.

But as quick those times of peace arrived, new threats emerged. As Demons and Angels came into the world, the Tri-Realm War commenced.

As Fabulae fell into chaos of the two warring factions, Avani tried to keep them at bay. By letting nature itself try to fend off the horrors, she placed herself on the front lines defending Sichelan. Yet their numbers were many, and the Titan was only able to fend them off for so long.

With the fiends of the Crawling Chaos tearing through her body, Avani inevitable perished in battle. But even in her dying breath, she swore her duty to protect those near her. As one last gift, she allowed the world to consume her essence, making the plantlife around her blossom in ways never seen before. From her corpse grew Avani's Garden.

Ever since, the Titan's body became a sacred place for Elves, turning into its own ecosystem fueled by her divine essence. Luscious plants growing from the flesh, nature burrying it into the terrain, leaving only echoes of her existence in the landscape.

The Blazing War

Even long after her death, Avani had one more event under her name. As Velda Sangfroid laid waste to Silva during the Blazing War, something stirred in the body of the dead Titan.

With the death of many Elves, water leaked from the eye sockets, turning into waterfalls. These Weeping Falls birthed from its base a new flower, known as Avani's Tears.

But in the same manner, the bodies of the Elves that fell throughout the land regathered, mending themselves with plantlife. The souls that lurked about bounded themselves to these new forms, making the first Elvir. But ever since, Avani has gone silent.



Many describe the words of Avani as gentle yet firm, akin to how a mother might talk to a child. Rarely does she raise her voice, keeping it calm and friendly throughout.

Noticeable with her is her curiosity, asking questions wherever possible. Wanting to learn of people's pasts, their homes and their lives, to better understand who they are. Sometimes it can be a bit invasive, but never in a way that might imply bad intentions.

Area of Concern
Nature, plants, the concept of evolution
Divine Symbol
A tree whose branches and roots form a circle
Plant, Healing, Knowledge
Favoured Weapon

Neutral Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Caretaker Of All That Lives
Floral Empress
Mother Nature
Mother of Elves
She Who makes Life Blossom
The Gardener
Titan of Plants and Nature
Luscious green foliage
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Like bark

Cover image: Character Cover by Endrise


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