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An introductory to Fabulae

The basics of a new world

Written by Endrise

Look, I can be talking all about my discoveries and I'd love to, but this is meant to be an introducery. Not an entire subject on it.
— Lane Palmer

Tales of Fabulae: Retold is a high-fantasy Pathfinder 1e setting made as a passion project. Over the course of 5+ years, I have been developping this realm and expanding upon its lore. As such, it has gone through a lot of rewrites, but its concept remained the same: A realm meant tabletop games.

Fabulae, The Material Realm

Fabulae isn't anything special when it comes to its aesthetic: a fantasy kitchen sink with all the classics. Set shortly after the end of its dark age, the world has suffered from both supernatural threats and mortal selfishness. Because of this, a lot of the realm's past has been vague at best or propaganda at worst.

As such, mostly under initiative of the Church of the Wandering Flame, adventuring became popular. Whether it be the simpleton trying to become the next big hero to a researcher trying to uncover the history of a region. On the daily, people of all walks of life journey and discover the world that came before them, or try to build for the future.

Granted, same goes for the opposite side. Some entities try to keep the past buried, whether for the safety of the people or to keep a clean slate. Others, meanwhile, seek to use the past to exploit the present day. Salvaging the relics made by ancestors to conquer or bring ruination to mankind.

Horizons worth to discover

The main area that the setting is placed in is Sichelan, the center continent. Because of the collapse of the Great Sangfroid Empire, it has seen better days. As such, it also has become a hot spot for adventuring types. From the basic regions of Peripatia to the shattered remnants of Silva, one can find various reasons to explore the land.

However, Sichelan isn't the only continent on Fabulae. If one likes to take their adventures elsewhere, there are more continents to explore. Whether it be the frozen crown of Nõrdlann or the mystical lands of Tai. There are even other realms one can navigate if you prefer your adventures a bit more otherworldly. Granted, things might get weirder there.

A boatload of races

Unsurprisingly, such diverse realm with magic and everything creates a lot of races. From Elves to Dwarves, Goblins to Kobolds, to even oddities like Aurochian and Myopsians. This doesn't even include the various subraces and crossbreeds possible. So if you have an idea of who you wish to be, it might be plausible!

Granted, those are only the playables races. Across the multiverse, one can find all kinds of fiends and Angels, elemental outsiders and other weird species. Whether they be sentient or not is up to debate. All you need to know is that the setting can be quite diverse.

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Tabletop System
Pathfinder 1e
Mood Alignement
High Fantasy, Exploration, Comedy

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Author's Notes

Hello there! I'm Endrise, or at least that's what most people online know me as. My real name isn't important. I'm currently as of writing this article studying accounting administration in Belgium, my homeland. I would love to develop my world into something bigger one day, but I'll see what the future will hold.

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22 Nov, 2019 20:37

Really well done introduktion article! It draws you, makin you want to explore it further, while at the same time gives a good picture of Fabulae as a whole.

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"Look upon the stars, and you will see the light of the past."
23 Nov, 2019 07:29


My worlds are 2% actual important story, 98% dumb facts I make up on the spot.
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19 Jul, 2021 08:35

What a great world intro! Makes me want to write one myself lol. (And fantastic article layout as always wow!)