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Lord Commander Altamire

You get used to fighting the great beasts down here below, even if you might lose some thing in the progress.
— Altamire
Altamire is the leader of the Ironfault Knights, a Klikk that has made his name in the history of the Subterrane. Defender of Thyhalune and slayer of the Pitbeast, he aided both towns against it and united them in the conflict.   Seen as a great hero, the iron-clad legend now defends his region of the caves below, together with all others who aid him in his duties.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born amongst a Klikk settlement, Altamire grew up one that became larger than the average beetle. His body rose to huge sizes, making him a giant amongst his folk. And with it, he learned to fight for his fellow Klikks.   Quickly the bug learned to fight, picking up a fighting style that favoured quad wielding blades. With it, he became a terrifying opponent against the monsters of the depths, and a worthy champion of his people.   On one faithful day, his town was attacked by a Pitbeast unleashed from a duergar fort, threatening both his and the neighbouring Drown settlement. In the chaos, the two settlements had to cooperate, only to end up fighting one another in disagreements.   Altamire, in his attempt to unite both sides, convinced them the pitbeast's threat was greater than any issues they had between both. Uniting both, he began a plan with the Ironfault Knights to fight off it.   Luring the beast into a trap, he and his companions fought off the beast at the cost of wounding his carapace on the beast's acidic blood. As he slayed the beast, the Krikk collapsed, wounded too much to fight no more.   By the time he woke back up, his scarred shell was too broken to function, so the Drow offered an alternative. His shell would be cast in iron, ensuring him to survive another day. With it, the metal was poured upon his shell, making him the first to of the knights to be clad in pure iron.
Neutral Good
Aligned Organization

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Cover image: Character Cover by Endrise
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