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The East Waterdeep Trading Company

The East Waterdeep Trading Company is an adventuring party turned trading conglomerate, having made one of the greatest fortunes in The Sword coast by plumbing the depths of the dungeon known as Undermountain. Having acquired a number of extremely valuable resources, including but not limited to Iron and Steel Ingots in an unlimited amount, Phase Spider Silk and Venom farmed from a carefully managed stock of captive Phase Spiders, Manuals of Crystal Golems, acquired from an unknown source, finished goods crafted by a team of Aezer and Fire Giants, robotic Skaladar used for shipping and hauling goods, and their home base and bar known as The Spectral Elf.


The East Waterdeep Trading Company is organized as a series of branches located in cities and settlements around Faerun. These Branches have a leader and a home base they operate from. Each branch reports to the Home Office in Waterdeep, located at The Spectral Elf on Trollskull Alley. The Shareholders are the governing body of The E.W.T.C. and vote on company decisions, company policy and the establishing of new Branches.


The East Waterdeep Trading Company is ultimately meritocratic. Each member, from The Shareholders to the lowest grunt are expected to earn their position every day. Nobody is judged on their heritage, faith, background or world view so long as they pull their weight.

Public Agenda

The East Waterdeep Trading Company's public agenda could best be described as militaristic capitalism. The E.W.T.C. seeks out sources of revenue from all manner of sources, from trading goods and products, investing in local economies, philanthropic ventures and mercenary work, the diversity and flexibility of The E.W.T.C. means they are capable of avoiding competition that they aren't able to out spend or out gun.

"Forward unto Victory." also "I cast Fireball."


  • Louie Morningstar -Founder
  • Galavin Wraith - Founder
  • Erik Hornraven - Founder
Founding Date
1489 DR.
Consortium, Business
Alternative Names
E.W.T.C., The Company, The East Waterdeep Company.
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Subsidiary Organizations
Organization Vehicles
Notable Members


The E.W.T.C. and Acquisitions Incorporated have a friendly rivalry with some financial and trade relationships but no serious entanglements, conflicts or treaties.

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