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House Wraith

Founded in 1490 DR by Galavin Wraith and his Apprentice Hawthorn Wraith.
The two of them would go on the create a regnant house based out of Waterdeep.
The House first began as just a branch of The East Waterdeep Trading Company, later gaining such a reputation and standing that high ranking members are now often regarded as Nobility. The guild began being referred to as a separate entity and evolved into more a house of powerful mages which ran much like a guild. Having a Wraith in an E.W.T.C. adventuring party is a common sight. Even if they have not yet accepted the family name and signet ring common place for members, any wizard working for The E.W.T.C. is allowed access to most Wraith Resources.
The house has a ranking system which members or awarded for their efforts and contributions to the house.
Ranks are as follow:
-Researcher - and are awarded a Piwafwi of Fire Resistance.
Current Recorded members are as follows.
Galavin Wraith - Founder - Guild Master
Hawthorn Wraith - Co-Founder - Master of Divination
Faltex Stearks(Wraith) - Captain - Master of Pyrotechnics
Pog Wraith - Lieutenant
Kaal Wraith - Lieutenant
Ismay Wraith - Lieutenant
Haldir Wraith - Artisan
Vibius Wraith - Artisan
Aramil Wraith - Artisan
Theren Wraith - Artisan
Korfel Wraith - Artisan
Jun Aloro - Researcher
Vanus Wraith - Researcher
Rolen Wraith - Researcher
Gabyr Wraith - Researcher
Sammuel Earle Wraith - Initiate
Shen Wraith -Initiate
Phitzsimmons Wraith - Initiate
Waif Wraith - Initiate

Members that have been lost but not forgotten.
Kevlore Ginnintonic Wraith - Initiate
Guild, Mages

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