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Encode Thoughts

You pull a memory, an idea, or a message from your mind and transform it into a tangible string of glowing energy called a thought strand, which persists for the duration or until you cast this spell again. The thought strand appears in an unoccupied space within 5 feet of you as a Tiny, weightless, semisolid object that can be held and carried like a ribbon. It is otherwise stationary.
    If you cast this spell while concentrating on a spell or an ability that allows you to read or manipulate the thoughts of others (such as Detect Thoughts or Modify Memory), you can transform the thoughts or memories you read, rather than your own, into a thought strand.
  Casting this spell while holding a thought strand allows you to instantly receive whatever memory, idea, or message the thought strand contains. (Casting Detect Thoughts on the strand has the same effect.)


The desired effect of this spell is to contain mental information in the form of a physical item.

Side/Secondary Effects

If paired with the Modify Memory spell, this spell can cause a memory gap unless a new memory is implanted. Regardless, there are some reports of temporary Dysphoria from targets of this spell.
  Reading the information off these tiny objects requires another casting of this spell or the Detect Thoughts spell, or utilizing an ability that allows one to perceive the thoughts of another being that also requires concentration. These tiny objects can be lost or stolen, but only last 8 hours unless this spell is cast again. This does not restrict another caster from preserving these encoded thoughts by casting their own Encode Thoughts spell. Using some manner of containment to hide these items is recommended.


The results of this spell are typically tiny, semitransparent objects that contain the information in a form only readable by magical means. These objects could take the form of strands or ribbons as the spell suggests or take the form of beads, small animated pictures, or even data storage devices like USB thumb drives or SD cards.


The power for this spell is pulled from The Weave.
Gestures & Ritual
The somatic components of this spell usually evoke movements symbolizing the drawing forth or weaving together of fabric or strings, although this could vary based on the caster.
Related School
Related Element
Effect Duration
8 hours
Effect Casting Time
1 action
Applied Restriction
This spell is traditionally the purview of the Wizard but other casters can gain access to this spell through a myriad of different methods.

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