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The Expanse


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The Expanse is a tech-fantasy world full of bustling citadels, desolate outposts, and wildernesses of every climate. There are multiple races of humanoids, all capable of interbreeding, as they come from the same basic genetic make-up. There are capitol strongholds for each race, but the main hubs of trade are cultural melting pots. Magic is legal, but strictly regulated, making rogue magic-users borderline criminals. There is a council, made up of the most powerful races, with the remaining out-groups struggling for equal political power. What once was a primarily trade-based world has rapidly shifted into a new era of consumerist capitalism, which threatens to crush those that don't compete.   There are four main races. The first are the Mory of the Northeast Tundras, muscular Ursidaen humanoids with thick pelts on their heads, limbs, and backs. They have retractable claws and canines that work as added protection against their natural ice-dwelling predators. Their main exports are ore, weapons, and transportation. Next are the the Ti'ee people of the Northwest Coasts. They are lithe and amphibious, with webbing between their digits and extra eyelids for enhanced underwater vision. They make their homes in the rocky cliffs of the Cobalt Coastline and subsist mostly on surrounding aquatic life. Their main industries are fishing, and shipbuilding. The Nola of the Desert Plains are thick-skinned and nearly hairless, with hide that changes patterns with exposure to the sun. They have long forked tongues and venomous saliva akin to that of the Terran monitor lizard. Despite the connotations, the venom actually counteracts neurotoxins found in native flora, and the Nola are a vegetarian people. Their main exports are oil, spices, and entertainment. Finally, the Yao-ell of the Floating Forests dwell entirely in the trees that hover above the Southern Drop. They have five fingers and two thumbs on each hand, furred prehensile tails, and mobile ears situated on top of their heads. Their main exports are crops, aircraft, and literature.

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