The evergreen San chi Vreiona: A New Era

San chi Vreiona: A New Era



Everyone knows the Tale of San chi Vreiona. Colèo Berúi, the "Rose" of House Kaedyn, fell in love with Maric Iulian don Ua'Soarelia, the "Red Merchant" of a fledgling Ynellian clan. Their lives were as night and day, as vast as the Pale. And yet, a princess eloped with some foreign merchant.
  A beautiful tale to a new dawn.

Today it is common knowledge, an ardent love story. But, if it were not for Maric and his beloved, Colèo, just maybe Ynellian nobles would not gift the "Rings of Soara" to their lovers. One band made of hréun (fiery bronze representing passionate love), paired with one of vreiu (sparkling Aungul root representing status). At the time, it was stunning, stirring too!   To a great many young Marrízians of this era, it was as if watching a battle against fate.   Unlike the Cothairne, the Ynellian were still devout followers of destiny. They wholeheartedly believed in the unshakable Will of Daía. Praying to gods and goddesses, the Koldairn had long since lost faith. And it seemed that Marríz, too, was on its way to losing its conviction. Not of gods, not wholly. But of the people that spoke of them, and the power they held.   The elderbloods of Chavia were quite... rigid, children and grandchildren of the Hollow Dominion, frozen in the ashes of Trújan Chavéia (Third Empire). But most Marrízians of this age, those youngbloods. All they had ever known were the amber coasts of Marríz. The hallowed forests of Chavia. The deep blue of the Daghei. They spoke a tongue intimate yet foreign.   To the elderbloods, the youngbloods were forgetting the virtues that made true Ynellian. Warping Chavic culture, and withering it down with Koldairn customs and garnishing. And yet, the youngbloods saw them as doddering fools long lost in the failing of their ancestors. They were perverting new Marrízian virtues with apathy, greed, and weakness.   But, worst of all, silence.   The youngbloods could never throw away their ancestry, the "Pride of Ynellian." For, they knew it in their blood to be blasphemy. But the marriage of Maric and Colèo illuminated something, a transition hidden under the surface. New sunlight had bloomed, reestablishing the importance of oaths and promises. And it whispered of a forgotten Mother...   Nellédi, the 'Saintess of Charms'   Ynellian were honorable, strong. And this new age, it would be their light!