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The Ethereal Vales

Month 12 - Day 19 - 2387 AU

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The Ethereal Vales... a vast land of magic that can change the world, monsters that can devour entire villages, legendary equipment that can bestow ultimate power to those strong enough to wield them, cursed artifacts able curse those foolish enough to unleash them, and so much more... is coming to an end.   The escape of Tenna and Wuldyn, vengeful gods who seek to return the Vales to the lifeless primordial chaos it was spawned from seemingly spells out doom for every man, woman, and child. These gods will drive every living being on earth to insanity, making them slaughter each other. Once every living thing has died they will rewrite the world in their own twisted image.   In ten years time, these gods will have fully been restored to the peak of their strength. Now it falls to a group of four mercenaries turned heroes. Now they must scour a world of murderous criminals, harsh terrains, and limitless unknowns end to end, searching not only for an artifact powerful enough to imprison these gods once again, but also to find where they went to slumber. After all... it was their fault this happened in the first place.   This world and all subsequent articles are a part of a televised animated series entitled "Order of the Broken Sword". The series is based on the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. It follows a group of adventurers who, in addition to their quest to save the world, have their own goals to accomplish. The series is intended to be a homage to shows like Wakfu, Samurai Jack, and The Last Airbender in which the protagonist(s) have the main goal, but can also find the time to help others along the way.

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