Naven is a large town on the coast of the Argent Ocean. It's primary industry is ship and boat construction as well as repair. However, there is also a thriving fishing industry in the town as well. The local lord of Naven is Count Geoffroy Hamlin.
  • Local Taverns: The Wet Sail: Lower scale tavern. Mostly visited by fisherman and laborers. Boxing and wresting matches are held nightly here. The Far Harbor: Modest tavern. Frequented by local merchants and those with slightly more means.
  • Local Shops: Anvil Works: Works iron fittings for ships, carts, houses, etc. Can repair basic armor and weapons. Uder's Supply shop: Basic supply shop (Adventuring gear etc)
  • Temple: Temple of Umberlee. Temple built as an appeasement to the Goddess of the sea. Sailors come here to pay respects to the goddess from fear of her destructive power. Temple to the God Torm
  • Vilewood Cemetery: Large cemetery on the western end of town.
  • Southgate Market: Local open air market. Most local goods and services can be purchased here.


Feudalism.  City is run by a count.


City has 20 Foot tall stone walls and a Garrison of 500 members of the Argent Company.  This force serves as a peace keeping force unless an actual threat placed on the settlement.

Industry & Trade

Primary industry is ship construction and repair.  Secondary industry is fishing. Land is sourounded by marsh and swamp land so there is limited agriculture.  Naven typically relies on trade with other cities for food other than what is provided by the Argent Ocean.


Naven is situated on a small peninsula and surrounded by swampland.
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