Coset is a small town of roughly 250 people set along the Mighty Road north of the Mighty Wood. It is a common stop for travelers heading south into Faron or traveling east out of Dreymore. As such, its primary industry is lodging and provisions for travelers.   The local Blacksmith's shop "The Rusty Nail" does quite a bit of work crafting horse shoes and mending broken wagons. The farrier and wheelwright also do well.   The people of Coset hold great pride in it's local hero, Rosemond the Birth Protector. She was the midwife to many of the children born in the town and beloved by all. Her grave is routinely garnished with small gifts and freshly picked flowers.   However, what put's Coset "on the map" is it's gambling halls. The Gilded Lady, with it's drunken debauchery, and the more sophisticated Slaughtered wolf. The latter being a "members only" club for the wealthy merchants who do not wish to sully themselves with the common rabble.   Coset has two Inn's as well. The Jolly Spider, and the Drunken Demon. The Drunken Demon is the only other place other than Faron where the Devils Tears is sold.   The town is overseen by Count Redbrace, but it's day to day operations is run by Mayor Liam Perry. A sniveling weakling of a man who is pushed around by the merchants and gambling hall owners.