Letter to Victoria, queen of England


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Paris, the 11th of August 1830

Perfidious Albion!
  It is with great shock that we have learned of the recent events that have occurred in Carlsruhe. Despite all of the promises of friendship and appeasement made to our face, you only wait for us to turn our back to stab us cowardly.   And yet, now you have the gall to pretend surprise and dismay at our actions, to declaim your innocence in such matters? Who do you think to fool with such outrageous acting? Are your people so simple-minded to believe this act?   It must be obvious to all that your acts cannot be constructed as anything but encouragement of sedition in Amiens, Verdun and Strasbourg, all while your allies are amassing armies in Bâle.   Beautiful neutrality of the Swiss, that is! You all conveniently waited to declare it until they were finished invading us, and now you intend to taunt us with your army standing just beyond our border, out of reach unless we violate this so-called neutrality so that you can pretend to be outraged by our actions!   And beyond even all of that, now you are sending your best battle-mage division in Baden, boldly having them walk all along our Eastern border to reach it, and you dare think that we would do nothing to stop them communicating with the traitors inside of our lands? You dare be insulted by the mere interception of seditious communications when you have tested our patience and goodwill for so long?   And what reason do you have for such actions? What justifications do you advance for your betrayal? None of course, for you do not dare to say out loud that what you are attempting to do is subvert the natural freedom of the French people to decide their fate and elect their own monarch, despite having sign a treaty to this very effect just fifteen years ago.   But why are we surprised? Why are we shocked? This behaviour is after all in keeping with your actions in the past centuries. Always pretending to be invested with nothing but the purest sentiments and intentions, while only waiting long enough for us to lower our guard to strike against us. You always renegade on your engagements as soon as it becomes convenient for you to do so.   Moreover, you are not content in doing so, no you always feel the need to incite others to join you in your betrayals and immorality so as to be able to pretend to be part of a natural movement rising against so-called oppression, as well as leave those others to bear the consequences of your acts.   Again and again, you repeat the same actions! Every time France rises to the occasion and defeat coalition after coalition of our enemies, and you dare cry at the devastation occurring in Europe and lament the deaths and lack of peace, only to be in the next instant the perfidious devil whispering poisonous thoughts in the mind of the monarchs of all of Europe!   Again and again breaking every treaty, walking over any restored friendship. And doing so only so that you can pride yourself on your sanctimonious moral superiority by giving yourself an enemy to fight. Killing millions merely for the sake of your vanity because you cannot stand to have any other country shadow your supposed might.   But that is enough repeating what is already known to all individuals with any knowledge of history or politics. What happened is clear, and what must come is no less obvious.   War you want, war you will receive.

Lucien, Roi des Français

From Lucien, Roi des Français

In the name of the French people and their parliaments

King Lucien by AmélieIS, Guérin and Artbreeder

To Victoria, Queen of England, Wales and Ireland

In the name of her parliaments

Queen Victoria of England.jpg
Queen Victoria of England by Wikimedia Commons

Cover image: Letters by Michal Jarmoluk on Pixabay


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15 Jul, 2021 18:37

Excellent, evocative, and such a fun read! I love this declaration of war; it's such great read :D

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
15 Jul, 2021 18:48

Thanks! Writing grand declarations like that is really fun :D

15 Jul, 2021 19:33

I second that - I love the arch tone Lucien takes (and, btw, nice job on his portrait!). Perfidious Albion!

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16 Jul, 2021 12:34

Thanks! It was really fun to write :D

15 Jul, 2021 19:41

That's a very elaborate declaration of war, sounds very French like :P Although I've to admit I never read a war decleration before. But I like this one.

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You don't often have the occasion to declare a war, so it's best to do it in style :p

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Forgot to say, by the mid of the 19th century, I think such declarations would be published in the newspaper of both countries too and examine by foreigner rulers, so it's also an important bit of propaganda and pointing fingers at each other to find the guilty party.

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Ah that's a good point!

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Don't mess with King Lucien!

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Exactly *smirk*

21 Jul, 2021 20:12

I enjoyed the reading Greg did on Saturday 16th. You will have readers that enjoy another perspective such as a British person reading your writing. I think you did a better job with this article for not being so anti-British compared to your clothing article. There is a fine line and you can't please everyone, but you did please me with this article. +1 Like (sorry for the late comment)

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Thanks James, glad you like it :D

29 Jul, 2021 22:37

Long letter but it was worth the read

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