The Spark Kiln

Written by Ondo.

Burning bright for all to sit by is the warm hearth in the Worlds' End Inn. It is the glow that illuminates the Inn’s many windows and the beckoning light that welcomes many a weary traveler as they open up the old and creaking door.   Those who have been there longest will tell you that one day the golden flames quite simply just blazed into existence on a cold and dreary autumn day. Where before there had only been well-stocked embers, there now burned a roaring fire so high it touched the rafters of the high roof--not burning anything however.   Now all those who gathered there to swap tales about their journeys and far-fetched adventures in far-away lands sit by it in comforting community and warmth. Every so often one might even see a figure dance among the flames, trailing sparks and talking excitedly in the same crackling tones as the burning logs.
Alternative Name(s)
The Hearth, The Frisky Flame, The Ember Court
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5 Dec, 2018 17:11

There are dark days when the spirit of imagination has faded from the world and when even the Forge of the Gods lies cold. It is at those times, when hope is dim and all seems lost, that the Sparks fly from their Kiln to relight the passion in the souls of mortals and immortals alike.   All hail the Sparks! May their fire burn for eternity!

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5 Dec, 2018 17:37


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