Worldbuilding is an art—a kind of magic. It's a very specific and powerful kind of magic, at that, for not only can it weave the very material of the universe into new shapes and realms, but it can enrapture the minds and spirits of those from other realms as well.   The energy for it exists in all places, but is particularly concentrated at the end of all things. This is why the Golden Forge made The Forge Realm at the end of the world.   The Golden Forge have shaped the energy into The Forge Realm, and the Enchanters go out, carrying some of its power with them to find those who have the gift of Worldbuilding within them. They then bring them back to the realm to hone their power and their craft, and in turn those Anvilites open doors to new realms for everyone to explore and immerse themselves in.

Metaphysical, Arcane


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