They Who Eat All The Hot Chocolate

A strange one, they are. Quite new around these parts, but friendly as a Spark should be. Just a bit unnerving when they’re sitting in the corner, watching all of us milling around is all. Dunno why their name’s even a number, but I guess it’s not my place to ask.
— A bartender of the Smiths Bar when asked about 27.
  A strange being from another world, 27 is a member of the newest group of Sparks. When not idling in the bar or the lounge, they can sometimes be spotted zipping around from one place to the next. Their habits of watching from afar often extend outside of the bar.   If you listen close enough, you can hear them muttering to themselves about ‘gamers’ and mentioning names of people that are not of this world.   Sparkdom must be well-paying, as 27 constantly orders hot chocolate. Occasionally they’ll take an energy drink or apple cider or a tall glass full of ice cubes, but usually hot chocolate. Around dusk, 27 blips out of existances, supposedly heading somewhere else. They only return at noon of the next day, and repeat their endless consuming of warm bean juice.

Physical Description

Body Features

Their skin has the consistency and makeup of clay, but where the white fades abruptly to black, the skin changes too. From a warm clay to a cold, sticky, fluid-like texture from another world, 27’s body seems to be made up of unnatural materials.   27 is vaguely cat-like in their facial shape and limbs. They are bipedal, and their pitch black hands and legs end in sharp talons. Their two tails are long, wispy, and smoke-like. They lack a neck, their head floating just above their shoulders where it should be.

Facial Features

Their flat, featureless face contains only three constantly rotating circles that vaguely resemble a face. Occasionally, their face flickers into a more recognizable one, but it soon violently flashes back.

Physical quirks

27’s fingers and hands are nearly constantly intertwined, moving and shifting and cracking their wrist and knuckles. They are prone to bouncing their leg.

Special abilities

A curious energy seeps into 27’s surroundings, a thicker aura exuded from their darkened body parts and the space where their neck should be.

Apparel & Accessories

Their cloak hides the bulk of their accessories, the only thing remaining in plain sight being their bright red scarf. The scarf seems to jerk and move on its own.   27 wears a small glowing tablet tied at their hip, and can oftentimes be seen tapping at it with either their finger or a rounded pen. This is presumably how they communicate with their fellow Sparks.   27’s most well-known accessory is their battle axe. The axe is taller than they are, measuring at a mighty 1.2 meters, but 27 is able to use it with ease. Despite this, they’ve never been seen to use it. The axe’s edge is meticulously polished.

True Neutral
Asexual, Aromantic
Gender Identity
Agender, They/Them pronouns


Author's Notes

Aspect/Epotimical free to use as needed within reason!

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