The End of the World

This is the end of the world, but only in the spatial sense.


The Flavor

You've arrived at a nexus at the junction of all worlds, a little space made by their overlap, an Inn where strange entities meet and conspire, where those who have gone missing often wash up. It's the place between spaces, a corridor between worlds where strange and exciting things can happen.   There's not just one story here, there is an entire tapestry. The threads of fate weave so tightly through this place that the knit of it is palpable, something you can touch and effect. Your choices here affect entire worlds.

The Meta

Hello! This world is one organized by the keepers and contributors of the World Anvil Discord. It is a world made as much for fun as to show off what World Anvil and its various features are capable of when put in the hands of artists, musicans, designers, writers, and styling wizards alike.   If you have a curiousity about how anything is done, or just want to give an article love, please feel free to respond to any of the articles with your questions and commentary! We're all happy to help, and of course love to get feedback on our content as well!
  Look around and orient yourself. Perhaps come by the Inn and say hello!