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The Archive Database


To hold and keep secure all the knowledge recorded by The Archive.

Document Structure


Billions of files are held within a cloud supercomputer. There is a nesting system in place that is categorised by topic > subtopic > era > time period. Each category contains sensitive histories, records, audio files, photographs and more. All information is given voluntarily by the civilisations that interacted with, no information is gathered through maltose intent or violent actions.


Knowing all of this information will kill you, specialised species can cope with more/less than others so dependent on intellectual brain capacity is where one is placed. But one can not know all.


Most information in this database is referenced via verbal, recorded or experiential data provided by the civilisation/culture that the information is based on. The depth these records go into is limited to the information the civilisation has on their own cultures and worlds, however, can be structured against other information given by other civilisations to build stronger referances.

Publication Status

This is a private database that only the species working on can look at. Though, species are access restricted to their subtopic as learning further information may cause psychological harm. No one outside of the organisation can look into the database.

Legal status

The Archive doesn't fall under any governing body other than its own. They will abide by the laws of the planets or solar systems they visit, never using force to enter or retrieve information. If the information is shared by The Archive then it is more than likely well-researched and validated through various levels of management, no information is released unless absolutely necessary and proofed by at least one management level.

Historical Details


It is used to document the Universe's origins and everything within it. The database has been used to end wars and settle debates within civilizations, though its main use is just to hold information. It is uncommon that the database will be used for aiding in civilisations, they do not want to interact with the natural course of the Universe.   Notable mention of the Battle of the Dead Planets between solar systems in the 10.3 billion year mark of the Universe. This battle was growing into a galaxy-wide war, The Archive felt it necessary to interfere in order to save innocent lives and civilisations and planets that were to lead independent evolution.


There have been many benefits to having this database for the history of the Universe, though it is not used often to help correct the course of civilisations or evolutionary progress as The Archive does not want to mess with the natural order of the Universe. There have been many things in the billions of years that The Archive has interfered with, though none of this has been in danger of evolutionary prohibition.

Public Reaction

Most species and civilisations voluntarily interact with The Archive, though civilisations >1-3 billion years old are off limits due to underdevelopment (proven apprehensive or defensive in the past). There is a general liking towards The Archive and their work from the public, they don't stand in the way and they don't provide more than adequate information.


One of the strongest, most valuable and most dangerous items in the whole Universe. A tremendous effort has been put into obtaining these histories and recordings, The Archive and its database are seen as a great collective success of the Universe's life. Universal Knowledge is beautiful.


This database will last billions of years, as it isn't in one place, but spread across the Universe. There is no way to access all of it and kill it. It is self-destructive if all members die.

History of The Universe

The Archives Logo by Miles Kayden
Record, Historical
Digital Recording, Various
Authoring Date
Universe's age of 9.2 billion years
Signatories (Organizations)

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Articles under The Archive Database

  • 0

    The Archive Database Creation
    Scientific achievement
  • 2122


    Sovereign Established
    Political event

    The Sovereign, a political group of wealthy activists for colonising the solar system and leaving Old Earth was established.

    Old Earth
  • 2210
    Sovereign Colonised Luna
    Population Migration / Travel

    When the first Sovereign families came to Luna.

  • 3000

    First slaves on Mars
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Sovereign established the first slave generation on Mars, of stolen humanities children from Old Earth.

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    The Sovereign
  • 3010

    Establishment of The Mars Treaty
    Political event

    The Treat was established to keep Solis Capital in power and safe from rebellion against them from sibling cities.

  • 4048

    Callisto III Harness' Sun's power
    Scientific achievement

    Callisto III was able to harness the power of their local sun.

    Callisto III
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    Callisto III
  • 4198

    Callisto III's Core Shatters
    Disaster / Destruction

    The iron core of Callisto III shattered, creating an equator-wide mountain range (the Great Split).

    Callisto III
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    Callisto III
  • 4448


    Establishent of Apollo Square
    Diplomatic action

    This city is a safe haven for all types of criminals, without judgment, on the planet Callisto III.

    Callisto III
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    Apollo Square
  • 5063


    Battle of the Dead Planets
    Disaster / Destruction

    An almost galaxy-wide battle that was ended by the stepping in of The Archive, thankfully this action didn't have ramifications.

  • 6732

    Independence War
    Military: War

    Jupiter's people stood up against The Sovereign with the people of Io and Neptune, fought against their predecessors until all of them were killed, left stranded without any resources or captured and sent to Pluto or relocated to somewhere new for reintegration into slavery.

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    The Sovereign
  • 9008

    Relic of Atlas Stolen
    Political event

    Relic of Atlas was stolen from a Sovereign secure location, by a group of rebalions.



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Master juniperjones
Juniper Jones
3 Dec, 2022 09:22

Based on the exclusiveness of The Database, I'm surprised more societies aren't more suspicious of the Archivists. Seems like restricting the information to discrete individuals would be pretty problematic for the more xenophobic species. Ooh, unless those are the ones that are considered "off limits"? Regardless, super neat concept! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Miles Kayden
Miles Kayden
4 Dec, 2022 01:55

So, with time xenophobic species tend to be more common in that off-limits period (1-3 billion years of civilisation)! Which is why it isn't such a huge issue. But also The Archives aren't there for the civilisations, it's independent of any governing body!

10 Jan, 2023 04:43

Love the concept and the size of this!

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Miles Kayden
Miles Kayden
14 Jan, 2023 07:51

Thank you so much!