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Nova (now-vuh)

Namesake: Nova's name represents the beautiful live that comes from the death of stars, planets and galaxies.


The beginning of this Hallowed was beautiful and grand, particles and metals coming together, orbits forming and life-making inconsistencies in matter developing. Nova grew into existence with their siblings, similar to them the Universe around Nova was imbalanced and thriving in disorganisation. This birth created, with hope and necessary justice, the Hallowed that kept Death. Nova's approach to death is warm and gentle, comforting; snuffing out the lights of stars and galaxies. However, violent ends are key to the death of planets and galaxies for future life to be created, but they make it beautiful and peaceful.   Nova works alongside Atlas, in a Pairing, in a more life time manner, as their abilities marry each other in evolution. However, it is Nova's responsibility to take death where needed across the Universe. It's understood by The Archive that Nova may be aware of all the Hallowed in existence. Nova and Moral also work in tandem, in this Pairing some deaths have to be violent and out of sher vain of the civilisation that their end arrives sooner than it should have. Nova's weakness, like most Hallowed, is the opposite of what they are able to do. Creating life, arguably the most beautiful thing in the Universe, is restricted from Nova.   Nova's Relic is currently not located, though in its past it had been found on a planet in a galaxy referred to as IOK-1, which is about 12.88 billion years old. However, there is no recording of what happened after the Relic was obtained by a ship of unknown species. Researchers are still looking, though not hopeful there will be much evidence of this happening to the Relic or the species that obtained the Relic. It is known that the Relic hasn't reappeared since then, meaning that it's close enough to home (theoretically) to not teleport back.

Variations & Mutation

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Cultural Reception

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In Literature

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The Orion Nebula by X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/S.Wolk et al; Radio: NSF/NRAO/VLA
Date of First Recording
Universe age: 14.5 billion years
Date of Setting
Beginning of the Universe
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