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Apollo Square

All criminals are welcome.


Home to criminals of all sorts: interstellar, planetary or worse. The safe haven for anyone with a record, whether stealing money from the rich (or poor), or killing a whole planet of people, there is room for everyone in Apollo Square! It's safe to say the hotels in Apollo Square are known for their hospitality to newcomers, with endless varieties of food, drink and even different takes of air! Often, more seasoned visitors will have homes across The Great Split, where they get some rest from their crazy lives. There is no separation in Apollo Square, all are welcome. The only 2 rules are don't bring crime here, and keep yourselves anonymous (often done by wearing masks).


The locals, permanent residents, keep the place in check. The man running Apollo Square is Ox, and he doesn't care who you are or what you've done when you break a sacred rule. Ox employs his own security to keep an eye on people in the clubs and hotels, watching the streets for those looking for trouble. The price for breaking the rules is death, not a pretty one.   To enter Apollo Square (or Callisto III), you pay. The entry fee is upwards of 250,000 credits. Upon entry, you're fitted with a tracking band to ensure you do not leave the area you've paid for. If you wish to move outside your paid booking, you may visit a designated retailer. Additionally, money spent in bars, clubs and rooms is added to your total. Your balance is then split, 40% returning to you and the rest is put back into the maintenance of Apollo Square and Callisto III.


Everyone must check in all their weaponry before entering the city stored in the armoury, transport vehicles are checked for potential risks before moved to the garages. There are towners in four corners of the city and then scattered every 100 km. These are manned constantly with security who hold weaponry and are good shots, they don't second guess.

Industry & Trade

The 60% of the visitor's payment is what keeps this place afloat, the permanent resiances work in the various stores in the city, keeping the place clean and welcoming for all who come. The industrial side of things is kept to the northern half of the equator, distilleries and factories for producing glasses, furniture and clothes. Imports and exports don't take place here, as this planet is not one that you stumble upon and doing business is a risk of exporting to the visitor's safety.


Power is generated by the sun's energy, which the planet has harnessed. Roads are used to travel short or long distances. There are some who choose to use hover boots and such, these come at a premium price and are bring your own Callisto III does not provide them. There is also a runway and massive garages for transport vehicles to be storied while visitors stay.


Apollo Square is open to anyone who pays entry, there are downtown clubs for lower-funded criminals, like Glasier Bloom, back ally way strip clubs (Arura) and brothels (Sentencing). Bars for the wealthy, Rogue is a popular one. Restaurants, like the Opal Pavillion, and even private rooms to rent for the famous. Security is your main power here, they don't hesitate to interfere. However, each establishment has bouncers, and these are your sub-power dividers. Follow the rules and you'll never have an issue.


Convenience stores are scattered across the city, along with a bank and armoury.


Established in 4448 after the collapse of the planet's core, Apollo Square set out to become the haven of criminals. Why was this the goal? Founder, Ox, was a criminal of his own volition. When he found peacefulness on Callisto III, many moons ago, he dedicated his life to making sure other criminals had a place to rest without fear of being caught or judged. It took work getting Apollo Square's name out, and for some time some criminals would fight amongst each other. Ox was able to control these moments and it reflected well onto him and his city. Soon enough, word spread within the criminal community and the city began to grow.


Most buildings have been constructed with stone and decorated by the owners of the premises! Due to the neon plants and methane silver lakes, most buildings atone neon lights of their own to add to the features that attract people here. Most places will have small signs on their doors (or on the window beside the door) where it will indicate opening hours.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Criminal Haven, Criminal City
Inhabitant Demonym
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