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Elijah Morley

Mayor Elijah Morley

For the last four years Elijah Morley has been the mayor of the steel yard. Seen as charismatic and intelligent, this american immigrant ousted the former mayor by arguing for a simpler, fairer system of taxation, and promoting increased trade with Adelaide to help fill the town coffers. He is well liked and always willing to show up at the fight pits when there is major bout on to rub shoulders with the populace.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Age is begining to take its toll, but in general good health.

Apparel & Accessories

Despite the apocalypse having seriously dented the high end fashion market, Morley is always well dressed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

An immigrant from the ruins of the USA, Morleys family spent almost every penny they had to escape America and move to one of the more stable parts of the world - Australia. Morley left America as a teenager. Once in Australia his family travelled extensively. Eventually, he began to make his own way in the world, as a merchant, entrepreneur, and political advisor. He arrived in the Steel Yard around 15 years ago and decided to settle down, finding to to be a relatively saf place and enjoying its proximity to Adelaide.


Well educated, his mother was a teacher.


Morley has sold everything from snake oil to real estate, but what he really excels at is selling visions. He moved into politics and eventually became mayor.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Mayor of the Steelyard.

Intellectual Characteristics

A sharp mind, able to grasp new ideas quickly. Likes to be sure of the facts.

Morality & Philosophy

Simple is better, pragmatism over fairness, no sense whining about the things you can't change.

Personality Characteristics


Wants what is best for the Steel Yard, or so he says.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

A very good deal maker with a knack for knowing what people will and will not put up with.

Virtues & Personality perks

Charismatic and for the moment well regarded


Social Aptitude

Highly charismatic


Has a southern US accent and a folksy way of talking

Wealth & Financial state

Considerable, Morley had money before he came to the Steel yard, and being mayor is not without its benefits. Has access to the mayoral residence (its not much by 20th century standards but by Steelyard standards it luxury).

Current Location
The Steel Yard
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
Current Residence
the Steelyard
Dark brown, piercing
Black turning to grey
Skin Tone
Dark brown
13 Stone
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Now I don't know about you...." usually followed by a statement of the obvious such as "I think stealing is wrong" or "I prefer beer to drinking water out of a puddle"

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