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the Empty Earth


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One hundred years in the future, the earth has been ravaged by a terrible force known as the Demon. Though defeated a century ago the Demon has left a terrible legacy. Each first born child is gifted with great abilities, but cursed with terrible madness.   Terrified by the unstable and powerful individuals now walking among them, many choose not to have children, and the world population plummets. Attempts to place these First Born in asylums only sows fear and distrust between the first born and normals. As cities grow vacant and begin to crumble, normal people retreat into safe Enclaves, heavily policed and regulated, while First Born are left to wander the wilderness beyond the walls.   In time, a cure is found, or at least that is what they call it. A neurological implant that can suppress the part of the brain that holds a persons identity. It robs a person of drive, ambition, creativity, of the self. This process of Normalisation means that all First Born can impanted, rendering them docile mindless autmoata. This pool of Normalised people rapidly become a slave labour force, while outside the Enclaves the free First Born shudder at the inhumane treatment of their bretheren, and wonder if they will be next.